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Charlie's Show Results

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Pictures to follow later today (batteries ran out so not a lot of them this time)

Anyway, we knew it would be tough going with 14 premiers and 10 of them in the shorthair class for points. Was kinda funny - the longhair alters only had 10 cats total and 4 of them were premiers - the SH class had 22 (10 premiers).

The first 3 rings Charlie did nothing. We were beginning to think it was gonna be no wins this show as the competition was very good. So I was talking to one of the other alter exhibitors about their cat who was REALLYYYYY unhappy (mau) and then heard, "we need #155 to the first ring for finals PLEASE"......I'm chatting away instead of paying attention

Go back to the cage, DH is holding Charlie talking to some people and I grab him out of his arms and take off....

Apoligized to the clerk and judge for being late, etc. Judge gives Charlie a 2nd Best SH Premier AND 2nd Best AB Premier.........AND 10th Best Cat! Three ribbens in ONE ring.

Then in the Speciality ring the judge called back 4 premiers in the 10 cats - Charlie got another final in her ring - 8th Best Cat (and 3rd best premier) - had all 3 aby premiers in the finals too.

SOOOOOOOOO he got a total of 19 points in this show - now up to 25 points towards Grand - 1/3 of the way there
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Congratulations! that show went very well for you and Charlie

Just brilliant!
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Well done Charlie
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Well done Charlie!!!! GK that's fantastic
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Congrats to Charlie!
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Hehehehe - I nearly missed a finals once since he had not finalled in the previous rings!

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Ahhhh, congratulations to you and Charlie!
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Congratulations Charlie!
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Congratulations to you and of course Charlie. He definitely is a handsome fellow!
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Well done Charlie!
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