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SAMe (Denosyl) and Methylate

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Hi, I am an On-line Homeopath / Naturopath. My Website is: http://www.askahomeopath.net
I am trained to take care of Cats and all animals, in addition to my Human clients.
I wanted to speak with you all today about Denosyl.
Denosyl is the trade name for SAMe, a nutrient that does a BETTER, QUICKER job of restoring damaged or too small livers in ALL species, than Silymarin.
Some people (and animals) that have Porphyria, Like I do, cannot take Silymarin, so this is a wonderful piece of information!!! Also, Silymarin can make a sick person or animal feel sicker, so this has been a problem as well.
The dosage for a cat of SAMe (Denosyl) is 90mgs, once a day. For a big dog, like 150 pounds or so, 3 - 225mgs capsules per day at one time, all on an empty stomach.
Bigger animals, such as Horses need substantially more.
Beta Blockers taken for high blood pressure, eat the body's stores of SAMe. in Animals, illness, or poison exposure, or pollution, from their water, or the air will cause this as well.
A deficiency causes depression, liver damage, weight gain (obesity), movement disorders, all sorts of things go wrong with the body when this important nutrient is missing.
Now, you can purchase Denosyl from your Veterinarian, BUT, Look at it this way: If a guy is deficient in Brains, you wouldn't tell him to go eat some brains would you?
No, you would tell him to go eat foods that build the brain function such as fish.
And so, is the same for SAMe. Methylate is the PRECURSER for SAMe. Methylate will eliminate the blockages that caused your body to stop making SAMe in the first place. A normal person or animal naturally makes all the SAMe it needs. Then something happens that impairs its ability to do that and the imbalance begins.
I supply Methylate on my Website, so if you wanted to give Methylate to a CAT, the dosage I give mine is: 1 capsule mixed with 1 can of Friskies cat food, then divided 5 ways, a little pile per each cat, to care for 5 of them.
This would be daily for a month, re-evaluate, then repeat another month if necessary.
For a Human, the dose would be 2 capsules twice a day, for a child, 1 capsule twice a day.
Dogs would compare to humans and cats for weight to figure dosage.
I am not a Veterinarian, but this is the dosage I give to MY cats at home if they need this suppliment.
Let me know if you need any help with this, or have any more questions about Methylate, the precurser for SAMe.
To find Methylate on my Website, go to the button bar on the left,and look towards the bottom. You will see a button labeled "Integris", punch on that, and the product descriptions are all there.
Nice to meet you all!
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We currently give this to my cat daily to help with her fibrous liver. Do you know where I can read the research done on this? (SAMe) Are there foods naturally high in Methylate?


Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA
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Hi, Heather!
You can go look at Denosyl's manufacturer's research at;
Also, to get a list of all the fruits and veggies that contain methylate, you can purchase the book "The Methylation Miracle".
There are pages of foods that contain SAMe in there.
But, it is ABSORBING the SAMe is the trick. That's why the methylate is important. When ill, the body's ability to absorb SAMe is impaired, thus causing a deficiency, which causes illness, a vicious circle! Giving SAMe to cure is OK, and it certainly WILL cure, but it doesn't trigger the body to produce its own as Methylate does.
If you are currently giving Denosyl to your kittie, I am certain he will recover, this stuff is really a miracle nutrient.
I have seen cats born with livers too small, a genetic defect, grow new liver tissue so that their liver became normal sized after the use of Denosyl and Methylate.
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