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Sweet littermates need a second chance

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I know situations like this happen far too often, but it never ceases to amaze me that someone thinks it's acceptable. I got an email from a contact at one of the local rescues yesterday asking me spread the word about these two sweeties. They lost the only home they've ever known due to pure selfishness. The fact that their owner, who'd had them since they were kittens, requested they be euthanized, disgusts me.

If you know of anyone who's willing/able to give these beautiful cats a loving, committed home, please spread the word. They're located in Cincinnati, OH. Also if you can spare some vibes/prayers for these two, it would be much appreciated. I've worked with the group that's assisting with them and can attest to the wonderful work they do. Thanks!

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The poor sweet babies.
They're beautiful.

How stupid can one person be?
The second someone told me that my cats couldn't stay because they only wanted their cat they'd be out the door so fast they wouldn't know what hit them.

Chances are in under a year she'll be out of his life and he won't have his cats either.
But then again if he was willing to have them put to sleep for her then they're better off away from him.

Sending lots of vibes and Prayers that they find a forever home very soon.
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couldn't have siad it better myself, Karen

lots of adoption vibes for them
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Sometimes I wish we could spay/neuter humans who can treat an animal like that!!!!
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OMG if they were in WA I'd be on my way to adopt them now! They are gorgeous! What a jerk!
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That is so sad!!!

I agree completely with Graciecat.

Euthanize?!! I just can't believe he dropped them off and requested that and after they've been with him for 8 years?!! Wow.!

I hope these two beautiful kitties find the loving home they deserve.

for them!
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I can kind of understand the guy in this situation...maybe he didn't want his cats to go to a bad home. HOWEVER, that's really no excuse for it or booting them out! What a monstrous thing to do to those darlings after eight years of living there.
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