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Nearly two chilled out cats.

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Milo likes to rest curled up, and Amber just sprawls herself anywhere she can. I have never met such loving cats, if we have complete strangers in the house and they sit down if either Milo or Amber are about then they will jump up to that person and just start snuggling up or go to sleep on their lap. Anybody outside though and they are off like a rocket, its like they know they can trust people once they are inside our house.

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Awww, they're beautiful! I wish I could sleep that good...LOL!
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They both look comfortable!! Did you go join them in a nap?
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They look so comfortable and resting peacefully!!
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Oh my goodness look at them!!!

Their so chilled aren't they!
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Ohhhh My how precious!!
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Look at those sweet babies, ADORABLE!
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They are sooo sweet, I love watching my kitties sleeping

But isn't it usually the man in the unflattering position rather than the lady?
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What great pictures, they are gorgeous, even her tail is chilled out.
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What precious pics
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OMG, I that belly!
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yes, those are some chilled out cats makes me wanna take a nap!
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Beautiful pics!
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Ha! Ha!. Yeh if Milo is asleep and you go up to him he will roll over and show you his tummy ready for a rub and then its either back to the curled up position, or he will stay on his tummy and move forward untill he falls off either the sofa or the table.

Amber however spends a lot of her time stretched out when sleeping. She is a flirt. Their behaviour is strange though, they will both only sleep on the wifes pillow at night with their paws stretched over her head, they just dont come near me. Yet in the day time if I pick them up and cuddle them I can get my face snuggled right up to them and Amber just wraps herself around my neck, but if the wife puts her face near Amber she doesnt like it and is scratching to get down. Women EH!! We will never understand them.

We have had them a year now and they have both come along way since being to frightened little kittens.
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They make me want to sleep like a kitty!
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Man, what SOUND sleepers!
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Those are the most darling pictures!!! My cats never sprawl out,, there always in a ball on stuff.. They crack me up@
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That is too cute!
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