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Help feeding different cats

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Fig is 2 years old and Bastet is 6 months. I have been feeding Bast Science Diet kitten and feeding Fig SD indoor formula...problem is that even though they have two seperate bowls they go back and forth. Would it be better to feed them both kitten food and risk overfeeding Fig or feed them both adult food and risk Bast not getting all the nutrients she needs?

Any advice?
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At six months I prefer kitten food ..If you were not feeding in essence a LIGHT( read it compared to SD light) I would say you could move to adult or put both on kitten...

I can give you advice on "IMHO" better foods if desired
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I'm always open to other opinions...I've been thinking about switching to a different brand because Bastet gets runny poops on S/D

So....if i feed my v. sedentary adult cat (Figment) kitten feed for the next six months i don't have to worry to much about her ballooning up?
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Now I start switching my kittens to adult foods at 5 months old - unless you have a large cat like a maine coon, most cats don't have to be on kitten food after 6 months old.

And if you have a cat that is not active, then kitten food will put more weight on them - so I don't think its a good thing for the 2 yr old to be eating kitten food.

We feed Royal Canin dry and a few brands of the wet foods. I don't like Science Diet - never have.
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It depends ... Has your less active cat LOST wt on a indoor/ light diet ?? If yes then youll likely need to feed them in separate rooms one getting ADULTor Kitten( I have a 3.5 yr old on kitten doing GREAT and she isnt a large cat)... and a lite or indoor formula for the other... IF the kitty has NOT lost wt then try kitten it is HIGHER in FAT and PROTEIN thus lower in CARBS,,, MOST CATS do NOT need carbs past 10 % total diet, most kitten foods are 20-30% carbs, Adult 25-40% carbs , lights / indoor 30-60% carbs....

look at these brands
Natural balence
Solid Gold
Senisible choice ( this is a good mid calorie option)
Royal canin
Castor and polluck
Blue spa

all are BY product of animal free , artificial color and flavor free , all but Royal canin are GROUND corn free ( most not even having corn gluten), chemical preservative free
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I just bought them Royal Canin Adult to share and also a small bag of RC kitten to feed seperately to Bastet at night so she will still get some extra goodies until she is done growing

Thanks for everyones advice!
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