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He's learned something!

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Maybe it's the lack of sleep today, but I find this so cool! Possum has figured something out!

For some reason Possum's collar loosens. I don't know if he does it himself, or what, but Loki's collar has never loosened. They are different brands, though, Loki's is Coastal Pet's "Safe Cat" and Possum's is Aspen Pets "The Safety Collar". I don't know if the whole line is like this, or Possum's is somewhat defective.

Anyway, a couple time a month Possum gets his paw/arm stuck and it will go around his shoulder. He's never really liked his collar, and it freaks him out a bit for me to put it on. So, previously he'd get a little freaked when I'd have to take it off to "rescue" him.

However, last week it was morning and I was sleeping and Possum was being pretty annoying and persistant. When I finally got up I noticed that his arm was caught again. I wondered if he had been trying to get me to help him, but I wasn't sure. But he did it again this afternoon! Again, I was sleeping and Possum was "nosing" me and pawing at my face. I tried to ignore him, and then he started to "nose" under my pillow. He kept doing that, and then I saw that his paw was caught. So, I freed him and tightened the collar, and he got up and settled down near my knees.

Possum sought me out to help him! He knows I can "rescue" him! Aww, what a good boy! I'm going to get him a new collar, but the ones I've seen are the same brand that he's wearing now.

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He's a smart kitty

If he's an indoor only kitty why does he need a collar? I've never let my cats roam around outside and I've never put collars on any of my cats. I know for me I can't stand something around my neck all of the time and I imagine an animal must feel the same.

If he doesn't want to wear a collar and by the sounds of what you describe, he doesn't, then IMHO you should leave it off. I don't want to scare you, but one day you aren't going to be around to "rescue" him and what then?
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There's no screen door with the front door, and sometimes the maintenance people need to come in, and even though I leave notes you can't be sire they'll keep the door closed. When I was out of town in August my neighbor was watching the kitties. I taped a note to the inside of my front door to remind her to keep the door closed. Later she told me that Loki "managed" to get out. He got scared by another neighbor (not intentionally) and ran back inside.

I feel better with them wearing collars with tags, in case they accidentally get out. Possum doesn't seem to mind the collar anymore; I have no evidence that he's loosening the collar himself. I also like to be able to hear them when they are coming!

It's also a safety collar, so it does break away, and it has before. I think it might not be breaking away because it loosens too much. It doesn't seem to be painful for him, and it doesn't affect his breathing; I think it's just uncomfortable. Not that I want him walking aroundd like that!

I'm also concerned that the locking mechanism is too tight which may also be why it doesn't break open sometimes like it should. I like the locking mechanism on Loki's collar better, so I'm going to find that brand for a new collar for Possum.

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