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Can't get them to eat the Urinary Health canned food!!

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For my two cats, one who had crystals last week - I'm at my wit's end! I'm afraid they'll get sick. I tried a very small amount of the wet, tried topping it with their regular dry; won't touch it. I was given a bag of Urinary Health Dry - they must be eating a little bit of that (one or both? - I don't know!)

What's the best trick for getting them to eat this canned food? I'm afraid Simba will develop crystals again!
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Who makes the canned? There are several different kinds of canned foods specifically designed for cats with crystals. The most common is Science Diet c/d, and that comes in both chicken and seafood varieties. Royal Canin makes one called S/O that some cats find tastier than the Science Diet one. I'd talk to your vet to see if you can get samples of the different foods to find one your cats like.
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It's the Royal Canin S/O. I guess I can wait 'til Monday to talk to the Vet, as they're not lethargic. I'll take their dry away from them in the morning to see if I can get them to try the wet later in the day. I keep thinking that if they're hungry enough, they'll eat it! - but I'm not sure about that!

What's crummy is, their Vet retired unexpectedly, so my comfort level is down as far as dealing with anyone else at the clinic....arrgh!
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Many times cats won't eat if they don't like something, no matter how hungry we think they should be. They can actually get locked into a cycle of inappetance or anorexia after not eating for a few days, so it's important to make sure they eat something until you can get them to eat what you want them to eat.

I'm sorry your vet retired and left you without a trusted advisor for your cats' care. I know how that is--my kitty Willow is very ill and my vet was 8.5 months pregnant when I first brought her in for this illness. My vet stayed as long as she could but she ended up going into labor the day she inserted the e-tube in my kitty. Fortunately, there are other vets in her office, and I had her brief the one I felt most comfortable with before she left.
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When my cats were younger and had urinary health problems, we used Pro Plan Urinary Health canned food. You could ask your vet about it. It's much tastier than Hill's c/d canned according to my cats. We never tried RC S/O as my vet never offered it at the time.
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My cats really like the Nutro Max dry, it's good for UTI's.
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You also could try the option of buying a low magnesium regular food and adding a methionine supplement ... not ideal, but better than nothing! Your vet could help you on that, hopefully.

They can be SO STUBBORN. But it is part of what we love!
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