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Tongue ulcers

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Anyone have an experience with a cat who has tongue ulcers? I found a flame point male siamese today. He is covered in fleas and he has a large red ulcer on his tongue. It looks painful, it is causing him to drool and his breath is horrible. He is going to the vet on Monday, for now I put him on Clavamox. I am wondering if it could be Calici. I know you can't really treat that, you just treat the secondary problems which is why he is on antibiotics...

Any thoughts? What causes tongue ulcers?
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Stomatitis. In cats, it is most often brought on by poor oral hygiene. Get the infections/inflammation cleared up as best as you can and then get him a dental with necessary extractions.

Also, Jen, with this level of severity, you might want to take a hard look at bloodwork to determine kidney function. Might be compromised.

It could, of course, be calici ... symptoms are classic. Look at his gums though ... my bet is that you have red ones.
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I think you are on the right track suspecting calicivirus.
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Now, is there a test for calici or is it just something a vet or someone can recognize from symptoms and take a guess as to what it is? He is young, only about 6 months I would guess.
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There is an antigen test for calicivirus and yes, it is something that Vets can recognize from the symptoms. If it is calicivirus you already know that the virus itself cannot be treated. Calicivirus is highly contagious and when the cat recovers it will likely remain a carrier. Even vaccinated cats are not free from risk of infection because of the different strains of the virus. At most, the vaccine will keep the symptoms from being as severe.

What did your Vet say?
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It sounds like 'FVR' Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis. It is an upper respitory infection and tongue ulcers or a sure sign of it. Does he have discharge coming from his nose and eyes? Sneezeing? Does he seem fatigued? Keep him seperated from your other cats (if you have any). He needs to be in isolation. You should wash your hands and change your clothes if you are with him and then going to be in contact with another cat. It is easily spread and highly contagious.

I wish you the best of luck. Don't get discouraged either. I purchased two Himalayans from a breeder and they both were infected with FVR. I had my male on five different antibiotics before he got better and he was even tested for FIV because they thought that might be why he wasn't getting better. He is FIV negative and 100% better now but it took lots of time and patience.

Take care
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He looks 100% healthy other then the ulcers and a few fleas. He has no discharge from anywhere on him and his poop is even normal. He is playful and happy and friendly and has a great appetite. The ulcers are actually clearing up. I have had him on Clavamox since Saturday evening and he looks much better. I just need to have him tested which I was hoping we could do today. But the lady who has the tests is not getting back with me yet.
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