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1 yr pics

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Well seeing as I have not posted pics in a bit, hope you all like these. They are 1 yr pics. Enjoy.

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look how gorgeous Sugar and Spice are!!!! they seem to love their walks too!
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these were taken when they went out for some fresh air. They are just off the balcony, but they do enjoy this time emmensly.
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Oh my, they are just absolutely gorgeous!!
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Oh my gosh have they ever grown, it's hard to believe, they look so good to
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They are gorgeous!!!
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They have sure grown, since i got them. They are happy, but hate car rides. lol
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what a cutie pies!! thank you for share!! Sugar and Spice are so deep beautifuls!!!
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i love it, i am actually trying to make my kittens use a leash as well. Sol likes it, and luna she attacks the leash. but i am going to keep trying. have any sugesstions? you cats are fabulous!
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They are both adorable!
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