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Diarhea/Now Surgery

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I posted a few days ago concerning Tigger's diarhea. He is 6 months old and I only adopted him a little over a month ago and have had a lot of problems. First was the URI which I posted about with a fever and then the diarhea. I took him to the vet yesterday and he could feel that there is some kind of blockage and that is why he is having the diarhea. My vet recommends surgery ASAP. I'm bringing him in on Friday. He doesn't feel that it is a tumor, the cat would be way too young for cancer, but he does feel that I should bring him in for surgery right away to find out what is going on in there. He will take x-rays to see if maybe he ate something he shouldn't have and try to correct whatever problem he is having. I'm so worried about him. He has led such a traumatic life so far. He also still has a fever 103.5 which he has had this low grade fever since I got him. The vet said that the reason he still has the fever is because there is something in his system. I'll be really upset if he ate one of his toys or something like that, although I would think he would have choked on a toy right?

Thanks for listening all.
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I am sorry your cat (and you) have been going through all of this, but it sounds like relief will soon be in sight. It could be anything that your cat ate that blocked him- rubber bands found in corners are notorious for doing this, string, mice, bugs, yes even toys. Cats eat so quickly they never really digest their food properly. That is why many cat owners who have dogs and cats find out their dogs can't stay out of the litterbox- most waste is undigested protein. Good luck with Tigger and feel free to post your worry and concern and questions here, that's what the boards are for and many members have been where you are now.
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I was wondering, if it is not something he swallowed, what else could it be?

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You will have that answer soon after surgery. Until then you and kitty have my prayers. Best of luck!
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Your kitty is in my prayers also - keep us updated!
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I'm so upset, I just heard from the vet and unfortunately, it is a tumor, I can't believe it. There really is nothing we can do for him. He is so young, I just can't believe it. I've only had him for a little over a month.
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Sharper, I am so sorry. I know how tough this decision is going to be for you. My heart aches to help you make the right choice, but you are the deciding factor. Just know that sometimes the best gift we can give someone we love is a selfless act.

Hugs ((((((((((())))))))))
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I just read this post. I'm so sorry sharper!! I totally feel for you and your baby.

I am sending my warmest thoughts to you at this most difficult time.

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Don't you thing that 6 months old is very odd for a tumor?

Thanks everyone for your support.
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It depends on the tumor really. But there are other second opinions out there to seek. I would look for a cat internist and go from there- or call a vet school if there is one near you. Best of luck.
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Hi again,

I just talked to the vet again (actually the vet's assistant) and she said that she assisted in the surgery and she told me that the tumor is very large and it has grown very rapidly. Plus there are smaller lesions which will eventually grow as well.

I'm so depressed, he has given me nothing but joy these past 6 weeks.
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AWw Sharper, I am so sorry. I am sure that he felt that he had a good life with you, and it is up to you to decide what is best for him - only you know.

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Again I am sorry. I know the decision is difficult. Doing the right thing in a case like this is never easy.

You have my heart, and at least now you can show this guy how much you truly love him and release him from the pain.
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Tigger will be crossing the rainbow bridge later tonight. I wanted to watch him grow up. I just lost a cat before Thanksgiving to renal failure and now this. I guess I should have known it was serious when I heard him howling in the litter box. Poor little thing, he was so loving and affectionate. I'm heartbroken I couldn't save him.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.
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Oh I am so sorry. You have my sympathies and give your furbaby as much love before he crosses, so he goes with a lot of love with him.

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I will light a candle for Tigger and place it in my window. I know a special little boy that I will ask to keep a look-out for him as he crosses over. I am so sorry, but I know that Tigger would thank you for this early release.
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Several people have told me that I should seek a second opinion, but a large tumor growing rapidly with other small lesions in there does not make me seem at all hopeful or consider a second opinion.
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The consideration is this. If this is a rapidly advancing growth type cancer, your cat will need to go through either painful surgeries, chemo, radiation and other treatments. If he is fortunate enough to beat this, it will really take it's toll on his health and personality, not to mention your pocket book.

Some people reading this may think I am being harsh, but in doing what I have chosen to do with my life- work with abused ferals, I have to come up against these type of situations too many times. I always try and put myself into the cats place and ask myself how I would feel if I knew what was coming down the pike and if I thought it was worth it?

I lost a beautiful black male to renal failure, I had several treasured cats die late last year. I always try to keep my selfishness in check, because if I had my druthers, I would want these cats with me for the rest of my life. But, in reality, the pain they would have to deal with, the stress, the medicines, it simply was not worth it and we called for the angels to claim them.

The right thing to do is never easy, and once they are gone, (as my good buddy Colby points out to me every time I face this decision)- their pain becomes mine.

Again, you have my heart during this time.
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sharper, I just now read this thread and I'm so sorry this has happened to you and your new kitten!
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I am so sad, its just not fair, he was only 6 months old! I lost a cat also to CRF just before Thanksgiving. I adopted Tigger on 11/29 and he has brought me so much joy over these last 6 weeks and now I had to do it again with a 6 month old. The shelter that I got him from said they would give me another one free of charge, but it won't be the same. I've lost 2 furbabies in 2 months. Am I being punished for something?

Thank you everyone.

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You are not being punished at all. Cats/Kittens that come from shelters sometimes just have compromised immune systems. It is no ones fault, the mom could of been diseased, they might not have nursed early enough, the mom could of been killed or went missing and the kittens were found late. Please don't think that God sits up there and decides to punish us by releasing animals from under our care, it doesn't work that way. You were just caught up in an unfortunate set of circumstances. I do hope you decide to adopt again some day, but only you can make that decision. I am sorry for your losses- I know how devastating they are to suffer.
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