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5 more fosters....

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someone tell me...... am I insane? Do I not have enough things to do or do I like to make life hectic?

I brought home 5, approx 2-3 week old kittens this evening. I am not sure on their age.. eyes look very blue, no teeth yet... so can't be over 3 weeks. ears still look cubby and very unsure of their movements.

I'll try and get pictures of them tomorrow in the natural light, Don't really want to use flash on their little eyes.

This makes 11 foster kittens all under 6 weeks old.
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It tells me 3 things...
1) you have a biiiggg heart
2) these kitties are lucky
3) and yes, a bit insane, but who's not ? ;-)
God bless and good luck !
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Wish there were more "insane" people like you.
That's a lot of hard work!
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I think we have to be slightly mad to do rescue work in the first place, but in a good way!! I thought I was bonkers for having 7 in the house (3 kittens and 4 adults), wont be volunteering for kittens for quite a while!!
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A year ago I only had one 3 weeker to look after, and by day 3 I was totally exhausted. I can't wait to see the dear little things.
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Aww!! Bless your heart.....

Wish there was more people in the world like you.
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Here we go. I can't rememebr which ones are females and which ones are male though.

This is a female if I remember right.

And I think this one is the male.



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They're cute!! I kinda miss having bottle babies around.... I bet if I showed up at your doorstep you'd gladly hand some over to my care, though!
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OMG. Gladly!! As much as I love the little buggers.. it is a lot of work.

Now mind you 6 of the foster kittens are eating mainly wetfood, but they still aren't eating dry and they still want the bottle as well. But they aren't that bad.. I just don't give them the bottle except for maybe 2 times a day because I want to wean them off.. but they are eating a large can of wet food a day among the 6 of them.

I just spent an hour and a half cleaning out the bathroom I had the 6 in, and then moving them to the upstairs kitchen.. so they have a bigger area and hopefully it won't get so dirty so quickly!
Then moved the new 5 into the spare bedroom in the play pen and I'll sleep in there from now on. I wanted to move them all away from the hall door as I was getting complaints from the mewing at feeding time.
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Oh my can hungry babies make noise! I always got complaints about the meowing at feeding time, too. Well, duh...they're hungry! Want them to meow less, come help me or shush yourself!
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Yeah really.

And man can 11 kittens scream. I got big mews, little mews... ear piercing mews, almost silent mews (very rarely!!) It's like my own personal orchestra!
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