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Good afternoon

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I hope everyone is doing well I am babysitting my niece. And trying to teach her how to say my name but she can't for some reason. She has been loving all over me and earlier I had her talking to my aunt on the phone and she gave her a kiss over the phone.

Its been a pretty good day. Tavia is hiding since she doesn't like when we have people besides us here but earlier she was in a really lovey mood. I have no idea what I want for supper.

Well I guess I will let you all go
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awwww... that's so sweet! How old is your niece?

My nephew is 3 and a half, and he has difficulty pronouncing my name. He calls me "Mayie" instead of "Marie". I think it's really cute.
I saw him on Thursday and he gave me a plant he had chosen for me and later we were sitting in a tramway and he moved as close to me as he possibly could, looked up at me and told me that he loved me.
It doesn't get any better than that.

Have fun babysitting.
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