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Microchip implants

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Does anyone know about microchip implants for identifying cats that might get lost? We're thinking about getting one for our cat, Junior. I guess the vet can do it? I've tried to google up some information but most of the available information just talks about how the implants might cause tumors in animals.

Have any of your cats been "chipped"?

Thanks for any information, comments and suggestions.
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We've had all our cats chipped, and none have gotten tumours from this. It may happen, but it could just be another of those unfounded worries. I've had about 10 cats since i was little, and the ones who have passed away were from natural causes (or unnatural such as running away and coming into contact with a car).

I think most or all people here are going to tell you to get your kitty chipped. If he/she DOES ever get lost, then there would be some hope of someone finding and handing them in. If an owner does not come to claim their cat or cannot be found due to the lack of a chip, the cat can be up for sale for a new family.
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All of our cats except for our feral have been microchipped (I plan to get her done next time she's at the vet). My 3 older cats' chips were implanted back in '95 when I first heard about microchipping from the vet. DH's cat was done probably 8 or 9? years ago, and my dog was done when I adopted her 4 years ago. My 3 older ones are now 19 and 13, and DH's cat is 11, and they're all fine - no problems with the microchips.

We use the AVID brand, which is what the local pound uses. Unfortunately there are several different chip/scanner manufacturers (AVID, HomeAgain, 24PetWatch, Banfield, and possibly more), and there may be some compatibility issues between brands & scanners. All scanners should be able to tell if a chip is present, even if the scanner can't read the chip because it's a different brand - the person scanning would then know to try a different brand of scanner, or a 'universal' reader. I would recommend calling shelters in your area and finding out which brand of scanner or chip they use, and going with that brand so you won't have to worry too much about compatibility issues.

It's very important if you get your cat microchipped to register your contact information directly with the chip manufacturer's registry service. Unless you submit the info directly to the chip registry, they will only have the info to your vet clinic, and the pet's finder may have difficulty reaching you. It's also generally a good idea IMO to keep a visible ID on pets such as a tag & safety release collar, in case a pet is found by a person on the street, so they can hopefully read the info & call you immediately without having to go through taking the animal to be scanned. Also, some people still aren't aware that microchips for pet ID exist - a visible ID can be helpful in those cases.

I'm not sure what to think about the tumor stories, honestly. But after seeing the lost-pet heartbreaks that accompanied hurricane Katrina (a lot of animals came to this city for rehoming), personally I think a certain amount of risk may be acceptable, unless a clearer link to tumors is shown.

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I don`t know where your from but I have one of my cats chipped.
Its a Bayer tracer and the information is held on Petlog.

I`m in the uk though.
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I always have my cats chipped when I adopt them. It's quick and seems to be pretty painless. None of mine ever even flinched!
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All cats chipped here, they are all fine, I took them back to the vets 48 hrs later to have them scanned as sometimes the chip can work its way out within the first 48hrs the vet said. Thankfully all chips were okay.
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I was just thinking about getting my two babies microchipped. I am not sure whether it is painful and I wasn't really thinking back when they got spayed and neutered. I'll be taking them to clean their teeth so they will be anesthetized so might as well get them microchipped at the same time.

Is there a specific brand that is better than others? I'll have to call my vet to find out which one they use.
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My baby is chipped. She's indoor only but I worry about my girl. I want her to have a chance if something happened and I couldnt find her.

Best to ask what your vet offers. I took the co. they did. It was a good deal - $38 one time fee. There is no addl cost after.

I think I've heard they have the "lo jack" type chips now? I'd totally go for that if offered.
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Both ours are chipped. They were done at the vet. I don't think it is a very painful procedure but then I'm not the cat that had it done so can't really confirm that.
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Getting lost is a greater risk than VAS, so it's still worth it. But if you're paranoid, you could always get her ear tattooed.
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I would think being tattooed is more painful than being chipped. I have always had my cats chipped and it is no big deal.
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It's law in my state to have both dogs & cats microchipped & registered with the local council. I've never heard of them getting cancer but sometimes moving through the body.
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