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Missing cat!

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I posted this info over in my first thread that I started here in health and nutrition but am gonna repost it here. I took in a stray cat and he has since gotten back out my house.

I live in a trailer court so I have put up written out missing cat signs on all the mailboxes.(we have group mail boxes throughout the court) I have walked the court looking under all trailers that had skirting missing. I have the managers and the maintenance people for the court keeping an eye out. A lot of my family lives out here so I have them and all there friends keeping an eye out. I have went to peoples houses.

I have found out that a lot of people know him. No one knows if he has an owner in here or not, no one so far owns him. I had one person tell me she took him in to feed him prior to me taking him in. She also told me her friend puts out food for cats outside and he used to eat there also.

However, no one has seen him the last couple days! It makes no sense to me. All these sightings before I took him in and none after he got out my house?

I am beginning to believe two things. Either he does have an owner in here and I have just not managed to run into them yet and he is back in there house or something bad has happened to him.

I saw missing cat got posted last night on the humane societies website so I am going Monday to look.

Just in case anyone is in my area on here I live in CedarWood Trails Mobile Home park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is where Felix has went missing at. If anyone has any info on him or has taken him in please let me know. Here is a pic of him

His most distinguishing feature is he has a very short tail, only a like maybe 2-3 inches long.

Also if anyone here has any ideas on anything else I could be doing to find him please let me know.
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Any updates on the search for Felix?? I hope that you find him, or, if someone else has him, that they see your posters and call to report in. Are there any schoolkids in the area who could serve as private investigators?? Kids are often a good resource in being aware of the happenings in their local animal community Sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Felix returns to you soon - he's ADORABLE
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Sending lots of vibes that Felix turns up safe and sound. He's a cutie!
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Still no Felix and noone has called to let me know anything. I have my nieces and nephews keeping an eye out. They go all over this court and know practically everyone in it between them. I just don't get it, it is like he has completely disappeared.

Thank you for the vibes and please keep them coming.
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Awwww sending many vibes for little Felix
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Sending and Prayers that Felix comes home soon.
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I just found this thread...I'm sending my prayers and vibes for Felix to come home. vibes: IF he didn't, (though I dearly hope he does for your sake!) at least you would know he could take care of himself.

Come back soon, Felix!!
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I went out to throw a diaper away today and a cat jumped at me from the gap where my porch does not all the way meet up with my trailer. It took me aback at first until I realized FELIX! He is home now! Thanks for the vibes.
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That's wonderful news, I'm so glad he's home safe and sound.

Thank God for a dirty diaper
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i am sooo happy felix is home !!

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