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HELP ! stray kitten very sick

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This kitten is about 4 to 5 months old. Always always happy and playing so much, but I noticed yesterday she didnt eat and something was on her nose dirt and stuff...took picture today. Tried to catch it but it ran away..woman I know who takes in strays to adopt is away for a week and I have no funds for a vet. Want to know if anyone thinks its rabies...or just an upper respiratory infection. It wont eat the food or drink water today...just sits by the bowls. Other cousin sits by this one and protects it. What can be done.? Anyone that can view this picture, please pass along their opinions. Thanks sooo much.
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She needs a vet, open mouth breathing isn't a good sign, could be heart disease or something else.
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yes she probably needs a vet...but did you have the impression it looked like rabies from the photos? Or an upper respiratory infection. I don't know what rabies looks like . thank you
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Rabies doesn't have a "look," per se, unless they're foaming at the mouth... I'd seriously recommend getting your kitty to a vet. Open-mouth breathing isn't a good sign, like the other post said. Keep us posted, okay?
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Sending out prayers and healing thoughts for this sweet little girl, and hoping she does get to a doctor soon, is successfully treated, and that you'll update us. It looks from the photos as though she may have some kind of URI, but only a doctor can tell for sure.
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Rabies wouldn't be the first thing I would think of with her symptoms. But if she's not eating, chances are she's feeling pretty bad.
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It could be a bad URI, sometimes it will leak bad from the eyes, but i've seen it come out of the nose too. It could be something else too, but it definetly needs to see a vet if it wont eat and soon!

I THINK I see it's third eyelid showing, if it is thats NOT good, it COULD be near death or very ill.

In the mean time try to get it to eat, put out smelly food like tuna or sardines (boneless), you could also offer canned food that has been warmed up but not burning hot, the smell may entice eating. And keep leaving water out.

I would try to catch it and keep it away from all cats, even wild cats. If you have a dog crate you can set up a litterbox,food, and blankets for it.
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I caught Oreo (4 months) drinking a lot today, but not eating...Maybe she needs to come back slowly and she's not ready to eat?

Anyway I was able to contact a cat rescue woman who I gave Oreo's cousin to and she said she'd stop by my house tomorrow and help me capture her and take her to a vet if possible and perhaps another cousin too, Tiger. I'll do all I the same time we will neuter the kittens to control the neighborhood population. Send me some good vibes that all will be fine. Thanks for the feedback. It really helps.
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Good luck catching Oreo and Tiger. It makes me so sad to see feral cats with untreated medical problems. I'm so glad that you will try to rescue them and provide them medical care. Keep us updated!
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i have 5 kittens in my yard with the same thing going on pussy nose and eyes but they are eating i contacted an animal rescuer who is going to give me amoxacilin for free she gave me this web site which lists all animal rescuers
good luck with your kitty
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Hi's a happy update on Oreo....since the day she began drinking...she began eating later that afternoon....She's been climbing trees and jumping all around and acting like was soooo scary for those couple of days...i gave her chicken soup and now that she's better the rescue worker is going to come and try to catch her and her cousin. Do you think they can be returned to me to keep as outdoor cats after they are neutered or is that cruel? I can not keep them because of medical reasons...husband severely allergic to cats (although he loves them through the door, talks to them watches them...) and we have birds...parrots. The cats see them through the door and love to watch them...licking their lips...had to move the little parakeets though...kitten climbed the screen door just to get a better look! Thank you for all your help and good wishes...the "vibes" seemed to work well along with tender loving care. I will post a picture soon. My 11 year old daughter is the expert at that. keep in touch.
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I do not think it is cruel to keep them as outside cats since this is what they are used to anyway. Thank you for caring so much about those kitties
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