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Do you think cats can have healing powers?

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It's kind of an odd question but last night something very strange happened to me. I've got a cold or something and haven't been feeling well for a couple days. I went to bed last night with a fever. I woke up about an hour later, and I was sweating and absolutely burning up, but I felt better. I took my temperature and my fever was gone. Then I looked down, and Spooky Bear was laying across my stomach. Spooky Bear is a very independent cat and NEVER lays on or with us humans. He will occasionally let us pet him, but usually only if we have a treat. He just never wants to approach us, it's the way he's always been.
John was still awake and said Spooky Bear had been laying on me since I fell asleep. John's on an antibiotic for an infection he has, and the meds cause trouble sleeping so he was awake most of the night. He told me this morning that Spooky came and laid on me several more times throughout the night, not staying very long at a time.

I told John that I honestly think it was the cat laying on me that took away my fever. It's sounds so strange and you'll probably all think I'm nuts, but it was either that or a really amazing coincidence. What do you all think?
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There is the theory about a cat's vibrating at a frequency that promotes healing.
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yes im sure they have. the biggest thing that they cure from is - depression. i was away from the coutry for a week, and my cat stayed in another house, im gonna take him back in a few days and i feel extremely depressed and moody all these time. actually i havent suffer from depression or bad mood since i got him.

plus once i cought cold and had terrible fever, i felt so bad that i couldnt even call anybody to help me (i was alone in the room with doors closed), i think that i had even couple of blackouts...anyways all i remember is that when i opened my eyes Givi was sitting so close to my head that he freaked me out for a moment lol he was sitting next to my head all night, he licked my nose, my chin, was purrring all the time, believe me or not but next day i had no signs of flue whatsoever
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I agree. Whenever I feel sick, Moonlight seems to automatically know and he'll come and cuddle with me. It always helps me to feel better !
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