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To all UK Members: Felix Sticks question

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Last year, FurryFerals was my SS and sent me a package of cat stick treats from the UK that Ferris and Ginger went CRAZY for. They were Felix Sticks, Salmon and Trout Flavor, and I would really like to be able to buy some more for them.

Do any of you know where I can buy them online from that will ship to the USA?
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I know the ones you mean. I'm from the UK. I'll do some research and get back to you.....
post #3 of 13;currency=USD I switched currency to USD. This is a bulk buy one. Didn't look into shipping costs. And you can pay by paypal
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Awesome, thank you.

I am currently researching, and it appears that one company has them but the shipping would be way more than the product cost.

Vitakraft Cat Stick are available in the US, but I can't find a company online that offers them that actually has any in stock. Either they just don't make them anymore, or they are really popular.

SIGH....Ferris is meowing up at me like he knows what I'm doing and he is telling me he really liked those.
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post;currency=USD I switched currency to USD. This is a bulk buy one. Didn't look into shipping costs. And you can pay by paypal
Oooo, thank you - I didn't run across those links in my research. I'm checking them out now!

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Amazing Animal has cat treats listed under food, and they state that they cannot ship food, produce or aeresols to int'l orders.

OK, I was able to place an order via the other link.

I ordered in bulk, and it will cost me extra (approximately $2.66 USD per pouch total) due to US dollar conversion and shipping, but it is all about the furbabies, after all.

Thank you for your help!!!
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That seemed like the better one too.

Heres another. It's aimed at British people living abroad so that they can still get the UK favourites that they miss. It stocks them, I checked.

click on 'Go Shop' at the top of the page and input your country. You have to type Felix into the search bar to find it. They are quite expensive on this site.

EDIT: It says they are not taking orders at this time. But you could keep trying. It says something about ordering on a tuesday

2nd EDIT: Try ordering on a monday, or after tuesday. Their order book could be full for the week at it says orders are processed on a tuesday at 9am GMT
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I bought 15 packages from K9. As long as I don't get an email telling me they can't process my order, I should be all set!

Thanks again!
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Betsy, if you have a local British Goods store, they may be able to get them in for you, I talk my local store into importing loads of things for me (like Life's Little Luxuries but 'real' stores)
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What did shipping cost then because it said that 'rest of world' would be calculated at the checkout

My Ziggy loves the dental bites from Felix.

Glad your kitties will get a treat next weekend. Just hope they don't gobble them up when your out of the house
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Order Total : £13.35
Shipping : £6.00
Grand Total : £19.35

So roughly $12 US to ship - that's definitely reasonable.
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Well, no cat sticks for my kitties.

I got an email from K9 telling me that they would need to charge me an ADDITIONAL 11 pounds (roughly $22 USD) to send me the order. It seems that their shipping calculator will not properly calculate overseas shipping, and that information is hidden somewhere in their FAQs on shipping.

So now I have to tell the furkids that they are out of luck.

I don't know why they don't sell cat sticks in the USA!!!
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Betsy, pm me your address. We can't have those babies going without their Felix sticks
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