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ASAP help-spay cat

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Our cats are getting spayed tomorrow morning, we know we have to take their food away, but what about water?! Thanks for any help you can offer!!!
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When I had my cat spayed, I was told to hold back both food and water starting at midnight the day before procedure. Usually cat's are spaying in the morning at most vet clinics. Therefore they would be without food and water for usually a 9 - 10 hour period.

Hope this helps!

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I have always been told to take food away at midnight for spays, but the cat can have water. That's what I've always been told and what I have always done. Other surgeries I have been told to take away food and water both, but not spays.
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I had Nik neutered last week. We were told to stop his food at 8pm the previous day, and his water at 8am the day of the surgery. It might be different because we're in the middle of Summer over here at the moment (don't want the kitties getting dehydration in the heat).
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I don't know if it's the same for neutering and spaying?
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Does your vet have a 24 hour hotline? Maybe you could try calling just to be sure what your vet recommends.

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I have been told the same thing, but I have a question - how do I feed the other cats without feeding Kahu before I take him in to be neutered?
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the night before and crate your kitty the morning s/he goes to the vet. feed the others. I try to take my kitties in as soon as the vet opens. This way they don't smell the food and get mad at me.LOL I also recomend you bring a small towel you have rubbed the other cats with and rub your kitty with it before you bring him/her home. It helps get rid of the vet smell!
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You just remove all the food for all the cats. In the short hours before a surgery none of your cats will starve. Once the kitty is at the vets, put out the food for those who remain behind. That is what I always do. Other than being a little annoyed with me, they get over it quickly and eat and go on their way.
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