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Eleven Cats & Counting....

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I just feel the need to share. lol.

You all know from previous posts that I had 8 kitties since Lily had her babies and I contemplated keeping them (I did! thank god, I love those babies!)

Then Skittles came along, adopted from a friend at nearly 2 years old, and I had 9. Unfortunately, as you all know she recently died, so I was back down to 8.

After Skittles death and due to the problems with Keylah's health, Keylah needed regular checkups at the vet.

At the vet one visit, they had 2 kitties in a cage in the waiting room, and I fell in love. I thought of just getting the one, but I couldn't leave the other. So I adopted a 9 month old grey and white boy, and a pure white with gold eyes fluffy boy. Kai'n & Snowi

Then a couple months later, when getting Sapphire & Myahe` checked out (2 of the kittens from Lily) majestic black tabby (all 11lb of him!) sat in the cage...... and I thought, yep, he's mine! lol.... and thus I adopted 2 year old Jaszper. (Jaz sper)

So, from 9 cats, to 8, and now I have eleven!

I'm crazy I know, but I love my kitties as you can all appreciate

Now... what I would really love is another one... this time a kitten I think
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I love having lots of cats! only a couple more and you will catch up to me! I have 13 right this very second
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Wow! I thought I had my hands full with Chynna and Abby! I couldn't imagine even having 1 more.
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well I think it's great! I'm about half there
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Hey! I demand pics of Snowi missy!!!

I say Congrats to you!!
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Those kitties are lucky to have you!

I'd love to get another kitty eventually, but I'm at my apartment's limit, and I'd like to have a bigger place when I do get another one.

Then I think 3 will be my personal limit... maybe.

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I, myself couldn't do it, but I am glad there are people like you to take on those babies that need homes!!!
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I just heard that a friends cat is having babies soon....... can you hear the wheels in my head turning? Lol.... I bet my partner is dreading when we start having kids... I'll probably be the same. I have so much love, time, money & space to share, so why not? I'll probably adopt a lot of children in time too, so kitties will have even more people to adore them.
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