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I saw David Cronenberg's film "Eastern Promises."

The Hollywood Reporter sums it up beautifully:

Ultraviolent, gruesome and riveting, David Cronenberg's trangressive crime drama, "Eastern Promises," may be one of the director's best recent films.
This is a must own movie when it comes out on DVD.

It is ultra violent and in typical Cronenberg form the violence starts at the very beginning and continues throughout.

It's a very deep movie and takes you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

There is a naked fight scene that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination .. I mean absolutely nothing!

This movie is definitely not for the squeemish-faint of heart because of the graphic violence, but if you can get beyond the blood and gore, the story and movie are amazing.

I suspect we'll be seeing this movie win it's share of awards.

My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough and I wanted more. But then again I guess that's what sequels are for