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Your thoughts on Survivor?

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Ohh, it was great. Loved the NYC waitress rolling her eyes at the budhist monk LOL. Gravediggers body is unbelievable! Can't stand the pro poker player, what a pig. Why is he wearing pants three sized too small? He is creepy. Little Frosty is cute, and Pee gee is setting herself up to get canned. Can't wait to see what the female wrestler can do. I think she will be good, if she can stop throwing up. I am really glad Chicken got canned. Boy was he surprised. What a dope.

I'm thinking peegee or the waitress get canned next week,
but we don't know yet who else will become a target.
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Same here! I can't stand the poker player!! Love the gravedigger!! I hope he goes far!! The waitress, oh man that chic is in for a wake up call!

The Christian Radio host impressed me by not bowing down. I don't think I could have done it either. It really did look like a form of worship and not a blessing.

Don't like PG. She's going to tick the group off. I do like the little guy who is an airline steward.

Looking forward to next week!!
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Oh yeah, I forgot about the Christian teacher. She might last a while. She and the gravedigger are going to be friends. I don't think the cafeteria worker will last long. She seems to weak, but of course there is always that one that never wins a challenge, contributes very little, but slides in on someone Else's coattails.
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