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2 cats under one roof. silly question

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is it okay to keep 2 cats one of which is spayed/neutered, and the other one is not? Or its doesnt matter at all? Lets say:

i'm sorry for a silly question
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They both need to be spayed or neutered. Believe me, a female cat in heat is NOT a fun experience!

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Fighting (and I mean serious, blood-drawing and injury causing fighting) is likely if one of them isn't fixed.
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Get him neutered. You'll be happier all the way around.

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It can be done, my cats breeder has neuters living with her breeding girls. Of course if you are not a registered breeder the best option is to neuter them
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2 stephanietx:
why should i neuter him? i mean he doesnt spray, doesnt do anything annoying or bad, he is not agressive, doesnt try to ran away, i just have no reasons to spay him! and health problems, u kno, spayed cats do have them too, so i just really dont have any reasons to do it. plus i was thinking about kittens...but not now, i dont have enough knowledge yet, maybe later. he is full of energy, constant playing, running, im afraid that his attitude will change and u kno stuff like this
2 missymotus :
yeah i was thinking about breeding in future, but not now, its a responsibility and i have to be prepared to this
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Because if he ever gets out he could possibly get an unspayed cat pregnant, thus increasing the pet population. Also, IMO, if you're not going to breed him, it's just the wise thing to do. Having never owned a male cat, I don't know if intact males are at higher risks for certain diseases in the future or not or anything like that. Maybe you could start a separate post title something like "Neutered vs. Intact: Pros & Cons" and more knowledgeable people will answer.

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If you don't nueter a male cat it is only a matter of time before he DOES get out and he WILL roam. Intact male cats can have multiple homes and a very large roaming area. Also he will start spraying and if you do wait until that happens then chances are that he won't stop when and if you do nueter him.

Intact male cats will go travel long distances to get to a female in heat.
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thank you stephanietx, i've already opened a new thread.
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As an ex-breeder I had a entire (not spayed/neutered) female and a male in my house with the rest of them spayed/neutered. The ones that are not neutered will be the dominate cats. I had no problems. I had one of the rare males that didn't spray! I really didn't have any major problems with everyone together.

Unneutered males will spray at some point and sometimes the unspayed females will spray (not as much as a male). So its best to have them all spayed/neutered as soon as possible to avoid future problems. Unless the male is in a breeding program you will have a happier and healthier male if you get him done. Sooner or later he WILL spray and WILL try to be going outside to find females in heat for breeding and getting into fights with other unneutered males.

You want more vet bills?
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