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getting kitty fixed

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Our little boy is coming up on 5 months now. i was told by friends this is around the time to have him fixed. We're positive now that we ARE NOT declawing. we've been clipping back his claws and that works pretty good and he doesn't fuss when we do it. my other question, is it a must to have him fixed? I know male cats are notorious for spraying mostly for marking territory but he is not around other cats. There are a few strays running around outside though, he might get a scent of them. we also have a york terrier (male). can anyone give their opinions on this matter. thank you
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Oh goodness, your cat doesn't need to be around other cats to spray. I think the spraying question can best be answered by a good breeder.....the other night I was talking to my baby Meezer's current mom and she said it can really be unbearable for some people.

Ultimately, it's up to you and what you want to do with your cat (bravo for not declawing!) but getting him fixed will reduce the risks of some diseases and will keep your home UN-sprayed (it's hard to get that smell out) and lastly, it will prevent any 'accidents' from happening (and inevitably they always happen!) if he gets out and meets an unfixed lady-friend.

Just in case you haven't smelled male cat spray.....it's VERY hard to get the smell out and they will do it on the wall, in the sink, in your closet, in your clothes, on the window....on your guests (had that one happen before). It can be a mess!

Best of luck and welcome to the board!
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If you don't get him fixed he will start to want a ladyfriend, which will likely result in him howling very loudly at around 2-3am every night in his desperate attempts to tell all the neighbourhood females where he is. He will desperately want to get out to mate and will probably start trying to dash through the door, pull window screens off, or squeeze through slightly open windows. Hormones may make him more aggressive and likely to want to fight with cats outside, and redirected aggression is more likely. And he may start 'mating' with cushions etc. Really even without taking anything else (high risk of testicular cancer when he's older, and spraying ) into consideration I don't think it's fair to keep him unneutered and in a state of permanent sexual frustration.
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For many reasons you should have him neutered now.

1. He will spray at some point and want to go outside to roam for females. This will get him into fights with local toms and you are looking at more medical expenses.

2. Neutered males are less prone to cancers.

3. Neutered males are more friendly and happier.

Unless he is a pedigree cat in a strict breeding program, you and kitty will be a lot happier when he's neutered.

And thanks for not declawing
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I, like you, debated the necessity of neutering, and I waited too long in hindsight. My boy wasn't a bad sprayer, occasionally he'd hit a spot, I'd clean it up, and we'd be ok for a while. Because he was such a timid cat for the first year I had him and wouldn't let me within 5 feet of him, I just kept putting it off. Then, this summer as he turned 2, he suddenly became hormonal and sprayed literally 2-3 times a day in the most random places, almost spraying on me in the bathroom once. There's no correcting it, because he doesn't realize it's wrong... then the violent streak came out and anytime I'd pet him he'd nip at me. After a week of spraying and the third nip, I called the vet and he was neutered. He's still the same hyper little boy he was but without all the other problems. In hindsight I should have done it as soon as he calmed down enough to let me near him.

The surgery isn't major and the healing takes only a few days, it doesn't change their personality, make them lazy and fat, all those things that I even thought before I had it done... it really has no effect on them, they don't have that recognition of losing their manhood.
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