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Lorie, I've joined everyone in their waiting and watching. I hope you have the results soon.
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Lorie - how were the results? Is your darling Snowball okay?

I have been thinking about him a lot!
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Ditto what Kellye said! Snowball's been on my mind all day. Any helpful results? How's he doing?

(((((hugs!!!!))))) (The hugs are for BOTH of you.
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I talked to a vet on the phone and he said the blood test results showed everything was normal and that it was suprising that the kidney function was normal. We also discussed Snowball's problem of continuing to seem constipated and difficulty keeping food down. The vet thought Snowball's intestinal tract was shut down because he hasn't been feeling well. I am supposed to keep giving him Laxatone. And also if I am still concerned I can bring Snowball back to the clinic Fri or Sat and they can do a complete blood panel and give him an enema. (We are taking this one day at a time).

Good news: Snowball is able to keep water with tuna juice added down, and today he was able to keep soft food mixed with water down.
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Oh that is good news about the blood test results! I am so glad!
A cats intestinal system can shut down if sick? That is news to me.

((((((HUGS!)))))) to both of you!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
A cats intestinal system can shut down if sick? That is news to me.
The vet was comparing it to the way people don't feel like they can eat very much when they are recovering from an intestinal illness.
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Ohhh okay, I understand now.

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Lorie, You must be very relieved. I hope he continues to be able to eat and that his intestinal tract gets back to normal. I'm sure you're anxious to get all the test results over the weekend and get him cleaned out, if necessary. What a worry!
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Snowball is returning to normal really fast now. I want to thank everyone for all their concern and thanks for the advice Hissy!!
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I am sooo glad that Snowball is getting better!!!
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SOOOOOOO glad to hear the good news!!!!! Hate to be nosey - but does this mean he's finally gone to the bathroom? That would be a huge relief - to everyone!!!!

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That is wonderful to hear! Now that he is normal, lay off the tuna juice and tuna stuff- human tuna is not good for kitties.

If you want to entice him to eat and give him fiber at the same time, add catnip to his wet food. Don't worry he won't roll in his food, though he will be interested in eating it, and the catnip will give him fiber that he needs. Do about 1/4th of a teaspoon in a day broke up into several feedings.
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Laurie, yes it does!

Hissy, I'm glad you suggested adding catnip to his food, he'll just love it!
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He's a cutey.
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I am SO glad to hear Snowball is doing better!!!!! Yaaaay!!!!!!!!!
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I don't get into Health & Nutrition all the time, but I'm so glad to hear Snowball is getting all better. He had a lot of people really worried!
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Also glad to hear Snowball is getting better.
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So glad your cat is feeling better.
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