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Something Is Wrong With Snowball

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Recently Snowball has been acting like he is constipated and I have been giving him Laxatone for this. BTW, he has been peeing with no problem, eating, and acting normally.

When I got home at about 3 p.m. today he seemed fine. After he ate some of his dry food he threw up partially digested food a couple of times. A short time later he threw up something that looked like saliva, and then seemed to be in pain. He would go into a squatting position, and move around in a hunched manner. He was also moving slowly. I talked to my vet on the phone and she also thought Snowball was constipated or had a hairball. She told me to withhold food for 12 hours, and give him more Laxatone. I was also told to call the after hours vet if necessary, and possibly bring him to the vet clinic tomorrow.

Snowball seemed to be improving for awhile after he was given more Laxatone but has now gotten worse again!!!!!! I am typing this while I'm waiting for the after hours vet to call back.

What is wrong with him does it sound like he's constipated?
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Sweetie can you take him to an ER clinic? Snowball could have a blockage or could of found something laying on the floor and ate it upsetting him like this. He really needs to be seen IMO. Please let us know- I will be praying.
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Lorie, I agree with Hissy...you need to bring Snowball to a vet ASAP. I'm sorry that I don't have any words of wisdom for you...but I am thinking of the both of you and saying a little prayer for him to get better! Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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Our kitty Rockford was doing the same sort of thing and turned out that he had a crystal blockage in his urethera. It was life threatening and had to be treated quickly.
Hope things go well with Snowball when you take him in.

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Thanks for the responses! I just finished talking to the on call vet. The vet said Snowball is having too difficult of a time to be simply constipated. About 14 months ago, it was discovered that Snowball is in the extremely early stages of kidney disease, and the vet suggested that possibly Snowball's problems tonight could mean his kidney function is getting worse, and that blood work should be done on him. He is due for a recheck on his kidney function in a couple of weeks anyway. The on call vet said we should try to get as much Laxatone as possible into him tonight and see how he is doing. Very possibly we will take him to the vet tomorrow to have an exam and bloodwork done.

There are no 24 hour emergency vet clinics in my area at all. This is the best I can do until morning.
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If you have mineral oil that would help as well, or canned pumpkin or strained prunes mixed in with wet cat food. Sending prayers your way.
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Oh Lorie -

I am so sorry to hear about Snowball! I hope the vets can help him soon! Sending big hugs your way!!!
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Every time I give Snowball Laxatone he throws up and then goes into a squatting position. The last time this happened he wasn't in as much distress as he was earlier. What does this mean?

BTW Hissy, I don't have any of the items you mentioned on hand right now and all the stores are closed.
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I am so sorry, but with kidney disorders it would be anybody (on the boards) guess about what is really going on. When you take him in, I would ask for a full chem panel to be run as well as x-rays. For now, just try to let him rest. If he is vomiting, he isn't going to want to even drink water. Check for his dehydration with the scruffing the neck letting go and timing how long it takes for the scruff to go down. You should hold it pinched gently for 30 seconds, letting it go it should go flat before one second. If it stays up he is getting dehydrated and you need to get water into him. Or if you press your thumb against his gum, the spot should turn white right away. If it takes more than two seconds to turn pink again there is a problem.
I put your post here hoping you would get some advice that will work- rather than leave it in the lounge. I hope you understand the reasoning behind moving it.
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I don't have any answers or suggestions, but wanted you to know that we're keeping Snowball in our thoughts and prayers in hopes that he is better very soon.
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Thanks for the prayers and advice everyone. My vet taught me how to check for dehydration a couple of years ago. The color of his gums is still a very healthy looking pink, and when I tried pressing my thumb against his gum it did turn pink again right away. There has been no change in Snowball's condition overnight so we will be taking him to the vet and I hope he can be helped.
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Oh Lorie - Snowball is in my prayers! I pray that the vet will make him better fast!

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I am so sorry to hear this about Snowball! I know how much he means to you. I hope he recovers soon and quickly!
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Lorie, just seen this. I know how much you love little Snowball, I'm sure the vet will get to the bottom of what's going on. I'll offer up a little prayer for your furbaby to recover really quickly.

Let us know how it goes.
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((((HUGS)))) Sending positive energy off to Snowball, we all know how much you love him (and he does too). I'm glad you're taking him to the vet, they can do more than any of us. I hope he has a very fast recovery from what is bothering him.
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Lorie, just saw this post!

Any update??
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Oh Lorie, you poor thing! Poor Snowball! You and he are totally in my prayers.

Is there any word yet?


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Oh No, how is snowball???????
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Let us know as soon as you are able. You are in our prayers.
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I have been thinking about Snowball all day and wondering if he is okay. Lots of prayers for the sweetheart.
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I echo that Lorie, I hope you check in soon!
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I'm sorry it took so long to get back here. Snowball has started to improve!!!! The vet did find that Snowball is suffering from constipation and had also become mildly dehydrated by the time he was seen. We were told to keep giving him Laxatone, he is no longer throwing up and is much more comfortable tonight. I'm really anxious to find out about his blood test results!!!!!
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Just read this! I am glad to hear Snowball is improving! He is in my thoughts and prayers tonight!!!! Please keep us posted!!!
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Oh thank goodness! Kiss and scritch your sweetheart for me!
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Well, he seemed to be better so we tried to give him a very small amount of food, but it wouldn't stay down. I'm going to concentrate on giving him water with a little tuna juice added for tonight. Am I doing this right, Hissy????
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Lorie since he can't keep anything solid down and the vet is on the case, you are doing the right thing. You can give him the juice out of tuna, or clams or sardines to help him. The best thing would be pedialyte, but he may be to sick to want it- as it tastes a little off. Poor kitty, and poor you!
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OMG - I didn't see this page two at first, and I was wo worried we hadn't heard from you - but we have! I hate to say it, but I did have to smile when I read that you're anxious to hear the results of the blood test. If I recall correctly, didn't you recently write a vent thread about having to wait for results of blood tests? Since your Vet seems to frequently get those results to you quickly (vs. getting results of your own blood tests!) - do you know if you'll know tonight? Tomorrow? Or do those have to be sent out somewhere too?

Keeping you and Snowball in my prayers! I hope he's all better real, real soon!
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Thanks Hissy!!!

Laurie, the vet who saw Snowball today isn't our regular vet. I did talk to a vet tech on the phone after Snowball's appointment and they do have the test results back already. I hope I can get more information tomorrow.
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Lorie - let us know as soon as you hear anything. Thinking of you and Snowball . . .
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Laurie, I hope you get your results pronto. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Sending plenty of 'get better' vibes to Snowball.
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