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Biting and Scratching

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Hi everyone I need some help once again. King David seems to like to bite and scratch a lot. He has been doing it more and more now. Is there any way I can get him to stop this??? Also he keeps trying to hump shadow and mittens my 2 female cats. I was thinking maybe he is in heat or something like that. will this aggresive behavoiur stop once he is nuetered?? I love David, he means so much to me but sometimes his scratching gets to be too much. Does anyone know a how to get him frrom scratching so much?? Anyone have a kitty who does the same. also has anyone used soft claws??? Please let me know about all of this. David is so awesome I love him a lot. Also will the humping attempts stop after hes clipped? Please let me know. God Bless and thanx. Donna
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Trimming his nails and Soft Claws will help minimize the damage while you are training him to stop biting and scratching. When he does that, go limp and either hiss at him or go "owww" and let him know that you are in pain. Stop playing with or give him any attention for a few minutes. Repeat as necessary.

His humping may dissipate after his neutering, but it is also a way of imposing dominance. I'm assuming the other cats are spayed?
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Sounds like my Seamus, scratched me a lot, then the biting started. He doesn't have other cats in the house, so I can't tell you much about the humping, but once he was neutered, the biting and scratching subsided. He'll hit me if he's being pet and has had enough, but without showing his claws now.

Def. do as was said and yell OW when he scratches. It startles Seamus and he runs away for a few when he does that. If he doesn't run, walk away from him and ignore him.
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How old is your little boy? If he is a baby, he may need a bit more kitten training. Usually older cats, even if they are not the mom, will put babies in their place, so your older cats might do that too-- assuming he is smaller and they can sit on him LOL.

I would substitute toys and diversions (throw a rattle ball etc.) if he goes for me or the other cats too much, especially if the other cats are not managing to discipline him on their own.

Another suggestion: I have 5 foster kittens right now and when they "get into a frenzy" and are biting and clawing my bare feet at the same time, or going for my eyelashes, glasses, my watch, buttons on my shirt, or anything very painful, dangerous, or destructive, I give them a little squirt with a water bottle and they get the message. But one important caveat: if you do anything like this, it has to be where they cannot see that it is coming from you.

Many people do not advocate this sort of training, but when you cannot be with the kittens 24 X 7 like their moms are, and they need to learn before going to a new home, it is an effective and non-painful way to teach them. The caveat is, again, they cannot know it is coming from you. Luckily kittens are not all that focussed LOL.

If your kitty's mom were there, she would grab him and wrestle him to the ground and bite his neck to show him when his behavior is out of hand such as what you are suggesting, too much aggression manifested in biting and scratching you. I am assuming you do not play with him with your bare hands or feet, by the way, since that is training him to think of your extremities as toys.

Good luck! You are so nice to come onto the forum for advice in this area! So many people choose to take it into their own hands with horrible consequences!!
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I had the same problem with Blossom. I tried to follow the don't move, go limp, but it hurts when all claws a attached to your flesh. She had a lot of time outs either in the bathroom or her crate. She would chase everyones feet as we walked through the house. She had no mum to show her what to do as my son found her abandonded at 3 weeks old. Now at 1 yr old she has settled down nicely & hardly ever bites/scratches unless provoked.
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