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How many times a day?

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How many times a day do you feed your cat(s)?

I feed mine twice a day but I'm thinking of moving it up to three times a day.
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Zoey gets wet offered 3 times a day and measured free dry all the time
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I feed my cats wet food three times a day. They are not fed dry food although I have dry food on hand for emergencies.
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I feed mine wet food twice a day and free-feed dry all the time.
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Twice - breakfast and supper. But they do get a few snacks (cheese, etc.) during the day or after supper.

Measured dry in the morning, canned at nite.
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I ffed wet food twice a day and dry food freely.
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They get fed wet food 3 times a day and nothing in between (except a treat when I leave for work in the morning and a treat at bedtime). Mosi has a little bit of dry sprinkled on top of his wet.
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Hannah gets wet morning & evening, with crunchies served at lunch & before bedtime. (She gets less than 1/3 C dry.) Callie gets a serving of chicken & broth usually in the evenings and a measured amount of dry food throughout the day.

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Demetri and Farley are fed raw or wet twice a day, Ana 3 times - when she's older she'll be cut back to 2 as well.
They get a very small amount of dry overnight.
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Mine get 3 wet meals. I check/put out their dry food 2x a day. It's measured free feeding for dry.
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Mine gets wet twice a day: morning and night. Plus she always has measured dry food in her bowl.
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Mine doesn't get any dry food to free feed on so she gets about 4 small wet food meals a day. She doesn't eat a whole lot at a I offer that last small bit before bedtime.
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Mine were feed twice a day.
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