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i decided to start a thread for all of Monsters pics. so finally...

a couple from when he was little:

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Awwwww, he doesn't look like a monster!!
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and a few more recent:

We thought he was a girl until my vet told us otherwise... during the third visit. everyone had called him Monster from the start, bc of his crazy personality... when i found out he was a boy i just kept it monster
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& one more that i forgot

also... when i first got him his back and sides were all black. as he got older, he got these thick grey stripes going up his sides... there is only a few.. does anyone kno y?
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He is darling!

I would say he is a silver classic tabby and white. Classic tabbies have "bullseys" on their sides. He just doesn't have very defined markings.

Hopefully GoldenKitty45 will see this thread and comment. She is awesome as colors and markings. Can you get a better photo of Monster from the side?
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hes kind of hard to photograph.. but i will try to get some of his sides... on one side he does have a circle in the middle of his side.
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He is sooo cute!!!

Doesnt look like a monster to me....
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so here is a pic of his side... as someone suggested i put up.
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Adorable...what sweet kitten pics
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Yes, Monster is a beautiful Classic tabby and white. He is just darling

I know those Monsters, the sweet little munchkins that look sooooo innocent. Those are the ones that are trouble, LOL.
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What a handsome little boy!
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Aww Monster is so super cute! We love that adorable face

Thanks for sharing his photo, can't wait to see more of him!
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Here is a newer one, its been a while since i posted some pics. i have more but i have to upload them. sorry for the poor quality i took these from my phone which is supposed to have a really good camera when actually it sucks.

this is one where he is sleeping on the coffee table in our bedroom. the base is a black panther laying down and the glass top rests on the panthers shoulers and legs. Monster loves to sleep in the dip of one of the legs... the space between the knees and the body.

omg he looks green!!
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a few more of him sleeping on the panther...

taking a nap on the floor

playing on Daddy's lap
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& laying at the front door

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Oh my gosh what a CUTE baby! Don't you with they could stay babies for ever!
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Yeah he is getting so big, i remember when he was so tiny... i kinda miss that lol. here is another one i took of him and my bf..

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