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I'm so mad!!!!!!

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(Sorry dog lovers) but I HATE DOGS!!!!!!!! My kitten (he was 5 months old) Baby was killed by one today. We got home and found him dead. His mom is a feral cat and was one if the last kittens she had. From the time he was about 4 weeks I was able to hold him. I had another cat a few yrs ago and the same thing happened a dog killed her. I hate the owners that let these dogs get out AND the dog!!! He didn't deserve to die. If I could have brought him in I would have but I have 6 inside already. So now I have one dead cat and another one missing (the older brother from another litter!) I'm afraid he was killed by a dog too. I'm torn between praying for his return and wondering if he did would he be safe. Maybe he's in a safer place. Even the momma cat hasn't been hanging around too much lately either. Guy's thank you for a cry and a vent.

Bye my sweet were loved
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I'm so sorry about your loss of your kitten. He was too young to die. Rest in Peace little one.
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Poor little precious baby. I am sorry you and your kitties are going through this, and I hope the other little one and the momcat are safe somewhere.
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Do you know whos dog it is?? Around here animal control picks them up and there is a hefty fine if one comes on your property and kills an animal. Sometimes they even take the dog. I just watched this happen across the street from me. 4 huskys got out and into the neighbors yard and killed their cat,, the sheriff was called and animal control took all of them,, quarantined them and put them up for adoption to a more responsible home. I am not a dog lover for sure, lol,,, however,, it really is the ignorant owners fault and should be held responsible for his dog.
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I can deeply understand your sadness & frustration. I was outside with one of my cats last night only to have her chased up a tree by a free-roaming Pit Bull. Please don't hate the dogs...this about poor and irresponsible dog OWNERS. Contact not only your local shelter but the Police Department and tell them what happend and ask what they can do to help you...good luck!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace little one.
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Thank you everyone. Unfortunately I wasn't home at the time so I didn't see which dog is was. It's most likely was one from a street over. I still can't believe he's gone. He was such a sweet kitty. He purred everytime you picked him up.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of him. I don't have any recent pictures just one from a few months ago when he was about 3 months old. But I'll so you my favorites from when he was 4 weeks old. His momma cat had just let me start petting her for the first time in 4 years and she was willing to let me "take care" of her baby by holding him.

Here's some pictures of him when he was about 4 weeks old...he was 5 months old when he died...Baby

This is the picture of the one that's missing...Pepper...Baby's older brother from the previous litter.

He's such a sweetheart. He's terrified of living in a house (he injured his foot one time and I was trying to take care for him and had to let him back out because he wouldn't eat or anything.) So I worried that if a dog didn't kill him and he's somewhere in a neighbor's yard that one of the kids from the school (we have a school practically next door) got their parent to pick him up and take him home. I know how he would react and they would just throw him out and he'd be in some strange neighborhood or maybe something even worse.

His brother from the same litter was injured in the hip and adjusted quick to indoor living but Pepper was destined to be an outdoor cat. I miss him terribly too.

Again thank you for your sympathy...
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I'm so sorry about Baby. RIP little one. I hope Pepper shows up.
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I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
Also remember owners are responsible for their dogs and it wasn't the fault of the dog itself.

RIP Sweetie.
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Condolences on the tragic loss!! Poor babies I agree that the dog owners are the ones responsible, but I have a more stoic, country-girl mentality that acknowledges that dogs, unlike horses and cats, were bred over the centuries to have certain traits and characteristics, one of the primary ones being a strong or weak drive to kill, so yes, the breed of the dog can make a difference in its instinctive propensity to kill, whether cat, hen or other animal. That said, I also want to acknowledge those wonderful dogs who so valiantly guard our kitties from coyotes, animal torturers, and the like - I had a german shep/husky mix, Tasha, who raised kittens and defended all cats and chickens from hawks, raccoons, other dogs - I wish that more dogs were like her!! The world would be such a better place
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What a precious little angel

I hope Peppers ok

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Rest in peace, sweet baby

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I'm so sorry for your loss

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People should keep their dogs in their houses! Its not hard to be responsible with your pets. We have people who let their cats & dogs just roam our neighborhood...

RIP Beautiful Kitties! At least you are with other pets in the Rainbow Bridge... No dogs will hurt you there...
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So sorry, the pictures totally did me in!!!! awww! so beautiful! Sweet,Sweet baby! RIP!
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Poor, sweet, little Baby. I am sooooo sorry. He was so young... I'm sure he's happy now up in cat-heaven where dogs are servants and kept on tight leashes.

I hope someone puts a shock collar on that dog! You should call animal control so that you can protect the other cats!!

Please feel better...

Lots of Cat-love to you,
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