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coughing kitten please help!

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hello everyone,
i have a question about my cat. yesterday i bought a kitten at the humane society in colorado. she is a 4 month old orange taby with white paws. and her name is Reesy because she looks like a recese peanut butter cup! well anyway my kitten seems to be sneezing alot and at first i thought it may have been the new smells but now coughing has come into the picture! the humane society says she was healthy but i fear she may have contracted URI( upper respiratory issues) due to being in a shelter? should i be concerned and take her to a vet or are the symptoms not strong enough yet? please help! thank you
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Yes you should take her to your vet ASAP.
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Take her to the vet ASAP. A URI is not only common in shelters, but it often strikes kittens quickly. If you let it go over the weekend, she could be much much worse by the time you get her to the vet.
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I would honestly wait it out a little and see. Keep her calm and quiet. I am not quick to fork over a ton of money for a vet to fill my cat up with medication and tell me it's what I already can probably guess. It does sound like the start of a URI. If you want to get her on antibiotics now, please do take her to the vet. Most cats can fight these things off on their own and as long as you keep her inside, unstressed, fed and make sure she is drinking, she might get over it. And if symptoms pick up a lot, take her in then. You can (I think) get L-lysine from the big pet stores or maybe even local ones. Call and find out, it will boost her immune system a bit.
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Seeing as how she's so young, was in a shelter where URI are common, and is now in a new environment and is probably a little stressed out, I'd take her in. It's good for the new kitty to make friends with the vet anyway. Shelter living and then a new environment will stress out even the most laid back cat, which only aggravates an URI. I'd feel better for my kitty to get it to the vet now and get the thing nipped in the bud (plus get a good lookover by the vet) than wait and have it develop into a nasty cold. (Been there, done that...NOT fun!)

Where are the pics of your baby??

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