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I saw a coyote

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I was driving DH to work around 6 this evening and we saw a coyote!! It ran across the road into a field. I saw a coyote last year too. We live in Northern Indiana and I was never aware that there are coyoties here. They must be elusive cuz I don't see them often. The one I saw today was very pretty.
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They're rarely seen in the daylight. I used to live in Nevada and only during nighttime or around sunrise you'd catch them walking across the street. Every night, though, we'd hear a pack of them yipping, the louder the noise, the more we knew they'd killed a rabbit or something.
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We used to have a fox around here you could hear at night. Reading up on them, I found them to be pretty territorial, staying at the same radius of a place for life. I haven't heard him in months, so I hope he's okay.
I would be worried seeing wild animals like that in daylight for fear of them having rabies.

Once at work, we saw a raccoon walking down the sidewalk about 3 in the afternoon. He looked over at me and another girl and threw up his paw and said, "S'up, ladies?"

Okay, so he didn't talk, but he was acting too cool for us to be around that time of day.
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I've seen coyotes around where I live as well (about an hour south of Cleveland) my aunt has seen them standing in her backyard, she has to be very careful when letting her 2 small dogs out at night
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There are coyotes all over Kentucky these days, they were unheard of in this region 20 years ago. The drought we've been having the last couple of years (this year was very bad) has had rivers and streams they normally couldn't cross dried to a trickle. I understand that they are showing up clear up into the great lakes region now.
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We've got lots of odd things that shouldn't be done here where we are as it's kinda a busy area. We've got deer, racoons, possums, skunks, & we even saw a red tailed fox.
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I finally saw one dead on the busy hwy close to me. I haven't ever seen one til then, but I hear them almost every night, when the lone one starts, then
they pack up, all yelping, screaming , sends me right on in the house! pretty creepy!
We had a fox, he was too cool! we could feed him right out of our hand,
If my scanner wasn't messed up I would send the pics of him here.
I will later!
Raccoons, my dad feeds around 10, not all at once, but all he has to do
is walk outside and whistle, and some will come to eat, they are a trip!
the babies are so cute!
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There are coyote all over the US, in places you'd never expect them.
They are just much too shy to be seen usually.
Until they redid the entire perimeter fence, the zoo in Seattle was constantly raided by them.
The last straw was losing one of a mated pair of endangered African Crowned Cranes.
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I once saw a pair of coyotes in daylight in the back roads of Alberta. They were a mating pair and from what I've heard coyotes are paired for life. They crossed the road and we stopped the car and for awhile we -the humans - and they - the coyotes - just stared at each other for about five minutes. They were so beautiful. We have coyotes, foxes and wolves around here in the rural areas, but I've never seen a wolf. I've seen many foxes though.
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Coyotes are a common sighting around here.....and I have also seen them in day time.

Not one of my favorite animals, but hey!

Last year we had one that was in our yard(very brave thing he was) and I woke up and seen him and hollered at him and the silly think just looked at me like are you psycho or what?! He was not the least bit scared!
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coyotes are in my Portland neighborhood and eat cats that are left free to roam day or night.
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There are tons around here. I saw a whole pack of them yesterday. You can also hear them yelping and howling often. I love them.
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I saw one just strolling alongside Highway 121 just north of here around sunset one day last year. There were businesses, construction sites, lots of traffic... but there he was, all long legs and feathery tail... so beautiful. I wish it was possible to move them out to the country, for their own sake and the sake of all the pets people let run loose.
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Cool, I love coyotes! I have never seen one though
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