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I love your new signature graphic! LOL What no crop circles???
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Not this week, MA, but I'm working on it!
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That is a great sig. file!

Strangely I think my cats try that in their litter box sometimes!!
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I love it too! I have to admit (bad dog) that I swiped it and emailed it to some friends who all LOVED it!

Thanx Deb!
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That is just adorable Deb!!!
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i don't see a signature pic...

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that's cute, Deb
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Get your head out of your.......
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Just for you, MA.

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That is cute.
Charlie likes to throw his outside the box. :laughing:
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Deb I saw that movie- one word S-U-C-K-Y!
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That's the best I could do on crop circles (I'm no Mr. Cat, you know)....and I liked the movie!
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Well I might of liked it, but I could never see it- the screen was so dark! Thanks for the circles though......
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ha... !
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We just finally watched Signs Saturday night on video, and I loved it! Just had to throw that in!
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I loved it too Debby!

I love Mel Gibson, but loved him even better in FOrever Young!
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Oh Forever Young was awesome!!!!
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