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Anyone know what brand carrier this is?

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I adore it so much! Anyone seen one before? (the scottish fold is a cutie to boot)

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No but its darn cute!
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my cat would never stay in something like that! but is really cool and the kitty is adorable
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No...but I woudl try to make it in a minute...love!!!
If you do find out, please post it here
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No, but that would never in a million trillion years work for me. Ever. In this life time.

It's really super cute though, and I love the kitty that's inside of it.

Oh dear.... if I ever put 8-Bit in something like that he'd... well... do something horrible.
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It is actually a DOG carrier ... I saw a similiar one at a boutique
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I want that cat.

That's all.
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Seriously, my love for Scottish Folds are only second to my love for Siamese. (my paramount love being ALL cats ) The breeder who bred this little guy is out in California, her folds are all so gorgeous.

And I TOTALLY know what you mean about the cat jumping ship in two seconds. Any of my mom's cats (the ones I grew up with) would have nothing to do with it.

I already found a casual carrier for my little kitten that is perfect for him...it also has a latch for a harness and a zip up cover. 8D But I would love to know what brand this is -just- in case my baby turns out to be one of those laid back love muffins who doesn't mind tagging along in a comfy bag.

sharky - I know. Sadly they make very few cat specific bags and a billion dog specific ones. Most crazy dog carriers I've seen are just NOT reasonable for a cat. :/ Or have bone/doggie motifs on them.

sunfairie - If I were a better seamstress I would try! Maybe I should give it a shot....

Thanks guys! If I can find out what it is I'll post it here. Here is one more cute carrier that I LOVE....but $250 for a carrier he'll grow out of is too rich for my blood. >_>

The word 'righteous' comes to mind when I look at it. Wicked.
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Whoops! Figured I'd include the carrier I bought:

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