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Hey look Dad took these shots of me and the chair he gave me to sunbath on, isn't it nice!

Then he took this close-up, see my blue eyes -

After a photo shoot I like to sunbath by my kitty-tower Dad got me, I love my Dad!

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Pretty kitty alert! What a darling kit...and beautiful eyes too.
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Such beautiful eyes!!!
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what a life! such a lovely girl
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How beautiful! And what gorgeous eyes she has!
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Beautiful, she looks like one spoilt girl.
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...what a cutie!!..I would love to lie next to rest!
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Awwwww, she's gorgeous! What pretty eyes!
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Aww so cute I showed the pic to my 19 month old niece and she said meow meow. Beautiful cat I love siamese but it always makes me think for that song from Lady and the Tramp. Siamese If You PLease
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