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Please help!!

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Hey everyone!!

I am new to this site and I am hoping someone can help me! I have an 18 year old Tabby Cat that just started with this coughing fit. She will cough for awhile and then stop. She also has some green/brown gook coming out of her left eye. Her left nostril is also stuffed. I cleared it earlier but it looks like there is more stuff blocking it and she won't let me touch it. I am worried about her, she is my childhood cat and up until this point she has been healthy. I know the right thing would be to go to the Vet but she has only been to a Vet twice. She gets so stressed out and i can feel her heart pounding so fast. Is there anything I can do? Does anyone know what is going on with her? Thank you for your help!
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You could try running the shower and let her sit in the bathroom to see if it would loosen up her congestion until you get her to the vet. At her age, you don't want to risk her getting pneumonia from an easily treated upper respiratory infection...IF that's what it is. Poor girl...I hope she feels better soon!
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Hi and welcome to TCS...
My opinion is that because of your kitty's advanced age, she should see a vet today.
As you might guess, there is no way we could accurately diagnose what is going on with her online.
Please, get her to a vet right away to rule out a life threatening health issue.
Please keep us updated.
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I'd check the phone book and see if you can find any vets that make home visits. The coughing is particularly concerning. Is your kitty eating, drinking, and using the litterbox normally?
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Originally Posted by cloud_shade View Post
I'd check the phone book and see if you can find any vets that make home visits. The coughing is particularly concerning. Is your kitty eating, drinking, and using the litterbox normally?
This is very good advice. If you are reluctant to take her to the vet because of stress (a very real concern for a senior kitty), you need to get a vet to come to her. Pneumonia canl set in quickly at her age. Also, if her sense of smell gets decreased enough she will stop eating... which is also very serious in a senior kitty.

Green goop is generally a sign of infection, which needs antibiotics and veterinary attention as soon as possible.

Please keep us posted.
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Thanks guys!

I think I will look up and see if there are any home call Vet's in my area. That's a really good idea! She drinks water like crazy which only leads me to believe she is a diabetic. She still eats even though she has only a few teeth left in her mouth! I feed her can food but she absolutely loves her dry food. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely keep you posted!
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The drinking water alot is a sign of kidney failure. She really should see a vet ASAP
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Unfortunally our vet is not open today. I will have to call on Monday.

She has drank water like this almost her whole life so I am not really worried about that. The last time they did bloodwork it showed her being a border line diabetic and I was advised to cut out her dry food. I will have to wait it out till Monday when they open back up.
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Your sweet senior kitty definitely needs to be seen by a vet asap.
It's hard when money is short but what choice do you have...
she needs to be seen.
They will need to do blood work and possibly a UA.
That is really the only way you will know what is going on and what her treatment should be.
Please let us know what you find out.
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Then let us know on Monday what the vet says, okay?
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Call the vet's office! They probably either have someone checking messages, or the number of a vet on call, or the listing for an emergency vet in your area. Call and find out.

In the meantime, confine her to a room and set up a vaporizer or steam her in the bathroom as a previous poster suggested. She won't eat because she can't smell her food. You can try warming up her canned food for 25-20 seconds in the microwave to enhance the aroma and that might get her to eat some.

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My husband and I decided to just monitor her until monday when the vet opens up. She is eating, drinking, using the litter, walking, jumping, etc. She obviously is not bothered by this. I haven't heard her cough since friday, and I was able to un clog her nose by getting out the mucus that was stuck there (I am a nurse). The Vet opens up tomorrow morning so I will call then and get her in. Don't worry I will keep everyone posted on her status
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Thanks for the update....
What is her name.
I hope that she continues to improve.
Here are some calming vibes for your kitty's trip to her vet.
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for nothing serious
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Good afternoon everyone,

I talked to my Vet today and he does do house calls but only on Thursdays. He didn't seem too worried so he gave me an antibiotic ointment for her eye. If her eye gets worse he will come out and exam her, but for now I just have to watch her closely. I will continue to keep you updated...thanks for the nice well wishes :-)
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We hope your cat is doing okay & we hope she is feeling better
Update us more on how shes doing
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Lets hope it was just a cold that triggered an eye infection. Hopefully the meds will sort out her eye and everything will be okay.

for you both both...... what is her name?

(And welcome to TCS)
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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give an update on my kitty Bobo. Unfortunally we had to put her down this morning. She ended up having 4 seizures last night. We brought her in early this morning and sent her on her way to catch the rainbow. This is so hard for me bc she was my childhood cat. I am hurting so bad. My husband had to go to work so it's just me here all day/night. Thanks for reading this hopefully everyone is having a better day than I am.

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I am so sorry for your loss Jess.
I hope that when you feel ready, you post a memorial thread to Bobo in TCS's crossing the Bridge thread.

Rest in peace sweet Bobo.
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I'm sorry to hear the bad news. Our hearts and prayers are with you as we know what it's like to lose a wonderful, beloved friend.

When you feel ready, post a tribute to your fur-baby in the Crossing the Bridge thread.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Bobo.
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I am so sorry to hear that your baby lost her battle. But she's at peace now, and you gave her a long & happy life. You did all that you could for her, with years of devoted love.

RIP, Bobo.

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