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My New Kitten Has A URI

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Hello everyone I'm new to this site and I had a concern about my new kitten. Almost as soon as I brought her home we realized she was making this sound that we thought was her getting ready to cough up a hairball. But then it didn't stop. Took her to the Vet the next day and turns out she has a URI. She is on anitbiotics but she seems to be worse. She is so congested she's snoring and the cough is so bad it wakes her up at night and she cries and cries. Is there anything I can give her to ease her?
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You can try putting her in the bathroom with you & running a hot shower/bath. Get the room full of steam, that'll help relieve some congestion.
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Hi...welcome to TCS.
I think that you should call your vet right away....
they might want to re-check her.
Please let us know how she is doing.
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Hi. I had that problem with my 6 mon old british SH. He was on IV antibiotics for 7 days and I had to hand feed him for a week with a nutrigel - he absolutely had no appetite. I didn't want to go through that experience again but during his entire ailment Inever noticed him coughing or breathing heavily. Xocats is right. You need to bring him to your vet again for check-up. Hopefully the problem does not progress. Good luck.
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I made at least two trips a week to the vet the first 4 weeks I had my Hannah because she was so sick with an URI. I can't tell you how many different meds she was on because whatever they'd given her wasn't working! I'm sure they thought I was some kind of wacko woman everytime I called! LOL

IME, it took a good 48 hours to see ANY kind of results from any kind of medication that we gave her. We confined Hannah to a spare bedroom, plugged in the vaporizer and put some eucalyptus oil in the little well where you'd normally put Vick's. I also put eucaplytus oil on an old washcloth and placed it under her bed. {WARNING: eucaplytus oil can be fatal if ingested, so be careful to put it out of kitty's reach!} If you don't have a vaporizer, steam up the bathroom and shut the kitty in there until the steam dissipates.

Make sure your little one is eating. Get the stinkiest smelling canned food you can find and offer it to your kitty. If needed, warm it up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to make the odor stronger. Leave dry food out at all times so if your kitty is hungry and wants to eat, there's food available. Provide fresh water for your kitty, too.

After you've petted your kitty, be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap so you don't reinfect the cat and/or pass it on to any other kitties in the house.

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The suggestions you all gave was very helpfull. especially the one about puting her in the bathroom with steam it worked wonders on her cough and Skye is back to her spazmatic self once again.
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Spazmatic self! Glad she's feeling better!
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Woohoo!! So glad she's feeling better!

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Way to go Skye.

Thanks for the update.
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