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Dry vs. Wet, in what ratio?

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i have read many books and bulletin board postings on whether it is better to feed our kitties dry or wet food. I am now more confused than ever. There are arguements for both sides - wet food has more moisture content, while dry food is better for their teeths. My vet recommends mostly dry food.

I have been feeding my kitties one wet meal in the morning, and dry food is available to them all day. Is this a good regimen? One of my cats prefers dry food and has trouble eating anything that is too moist. He can't seem to pick up the food with his month/teeth, but just licks at it. Consequently, my other cats often eats his share as well. How to deal this situation?
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BY actual studies VERY FEW DRYS have any DENTAL benifit .... SEE Cats DONT CHEW.. they break or swallow whole...

Pate wet food ie loaf style is made for licking ....

Personally my dogs and cats got 50 dry 50 wet ... current cat eat 90% dry her progetive not mine
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I don't believe dry food offers any benefit for the teeth either and think that most vets recommending dry food for that reason are a bit behind the times. Apart from anything else, a lot of cats just swallow the pieces whole.

These articles explain why a lot of vets are now recommending at least some wet food in the diet


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I agree with the others. Dry food doesn't do anything for the teeth. I also think canned food is better because of it's moisture content. As well, it's usually less grainy and processed. I think it's closer to it's natural state than kibble.
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