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Raw food

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Is there anybody who feeds raw food? My cats get only raw food since Feb, and they do very well with it.
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cuz of the allergy to dry food i feed raw. but dont forget to give them calcium in order to keep phosphorus-calcium balance. getting too much phosphorus and not enough calcium will cause a lot of problems. chicken necks is a best natural sourse for calcium, but i just add 2 tablets of Calcid (i dont think u have it in Europe/US, but u can find any other eggshell calcium tablets) for 100 g of meat (he has allergy to chicken). this tablets are made of egg shell free of any other additions, so u can basically make it urself. wash shells, bake them in the oven for couple of minutes and pulverize it).
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Yes, I make the eggshell powder in a coffee mill, and they get vitamines and taurine and also salt to their raw food. They like it and have a wonderful fur. Satchmo has a allergy to house dust mite and had lost very much fur on his belly and his siedes.
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I've just started feeding raw. I have six cats but only one gets raw (cant afford to feed them all raw) and he is doing very well so far. He is only eating about half raw but he looks really good and has filled out a little bit. Im feeding chicken so I ground up the bones as well, I havent added any calcium.
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Here is a few websites that have good raw info


www.barfdirect.com yes it sells alot of types and brand s


Food is not likely going to help with a dust mite allergy cept for aiding the immune reaction
READ and then FIND a VET who is willing to learn with you or already knows about raw or homemade diets...
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With my household, I am feeding commercial frozen ... but am considering doing my own prep sometime.

MAAAAN it is costly!
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