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Socializing for showing?

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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on things that can be done with a kitten that will help ensure they will be likely to enjoy showing and not be scared or nervous in a show situation? What I mean is what can you do when you get a new kitten home, before you start taking them to shows, to help socialize them and help them to be comfortable in the types of situations they will encounter at cat shows?

Thanks for any tips!
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Would love to know this too! I've got a lot to learn about cat shows. My baby is not going to show himself but I will be there with him to help teach people about the new TICA Thai breed....(And promoting our local rescue group, Good Mews!)
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You can take them around to pet stores like Petsmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, Chow Hound. You can also visit family and friends who don't mind you taking a cat to their house. Let different people handle the kitten. And don't forget to start getting them used to baths.
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I also put him on a table and stretch him out, checking the head/muzzle like the judges would.
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I suggest you go to a show first (if you've never been) and observe how the judges handle the cats/kittens.

Then go home and pretend to set up a show ring (table) and practice what they do. Stretch the cat out, go over body, head, tail. Sit them on the table and get a feather toy or other small hand held toys and "tease" them like the judges would.

It helps if you have a radio/stereo/tv playing so there is "noise" around. And when friends/family come over, have them handle the kittens and stretch them out or play with them on the table too.

Take the kitten to Petco/Petsmart and have strangers pet and/or hold the kitten. You want them to be conditioned to all kinds of different people handling them - some gentle, some rough.

I also train my kittens to be held in the air with one hand and not struggle. People are shocked when I just scoop them up and hold in the air, but that's good training too

After all if you show them the BEST cat usually gets "thrown" up in the air for all to see how wonderful he/she is
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