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Rurnt, AKA Twinkletoes......2nd cat loss in three weeks....

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I can't handle this anymore guys, I just can't. As I write this, the tears are falling so fast and hard that I can't see much besides a blur, but her story needs to be told. I do hope that this makes sense, because I have enough anti-depressants in me to dull things, but just not what they're supposed to dull!

Last night, my sweet Rurnt had a stroke, and passed away shortly before 8 this morning, she was only nine years old. She was one of our kittens that we wouldn't part with when we were breeding, because she had such serious sinus problems, and truthfully, no older than she was, was already developing signs of authritis. She had the sweetest disposition for a tortie, sweet, quiet and loving....loved to have her tummy rubbed, she'd lay on the bed and let you rub it, just kneading the air all the while. Never did meow properly, just more of a little "maa" , matter of fact, I called her my little sheep, because of that "maaaa" and the fact that she had such a thick, wooly coat.

So, Rest in Peace, my sweet girl, meowmy will always love and miss you, play free, find Gizmo and Mzjazz's Jake, they'll be glad to see you. Goodbye my sweet, sweet girl.

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She sounds like a real sweetheart. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Aw Cindy, you must be heartbroken! What a shock.

RIP Sweet Rurnt
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I am so sorry, two babies too young and too close together!

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Rurnt with my Sandy Paws, too!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace beautiful girl.
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I am so sorry for your loss! I can't imagine what you must be going through, what a shock it must have been. I'm saying a prayer for you and your family.

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If I were there, or you were here, I would be giving you a big hug!!!!
I am crying with you! Bless you! So sorry for your sadness! Your in my prayers!
Hoping for brighter days, for you and yours!!!!!
Rurnt and Gizmo, are together, maybe they will meet up with my
"Scream" and be best friends! So sorry Cindy!!!
Love Ya Girl!
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I'm so sorry for you loss. Poor little Rurnt. And 2 in less then 3 week? That is a huge burden. I'm sorry I'm short on words right now. But of course, I do know how you feel.

RIP little angel girl. When you find Jake, give him a kiss on his sweet cheeks for me.
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I am so sorry!!

RIP Rurnt... Go find Allie for me...and you guys have a wonderful time together!
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I am so sorry. Sending you a hug. And I'm sad to see a name of a kitty I didn't know had gone over the bridge to find what I missed.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how you must feel to lose another one so soon. They are together now at the bridge and you will see them both again someday.

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I'm sorry for your loss. I wish I could give you a hug. Just know that we are all there for you in your time of mourning.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounded like a special guy.
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I'm so sorry It is such a shock to have them pass so suddenly. I know it's really hard because I had one taken from me quickly. You need to think about how fortunate Rurnt was not to have suffered a long and painful illness.
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Awww, I'm so sorry. RIP sweet girl.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

R.I.P. Rurnt. Find Gizmo and all of the other RB kitties and Run and play free at the bridge together.
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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your sweet little girl, Cindy.
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Anything I could say has already been said. I'm so lose two loved kitties in such a short time! I'm so sorry! All my love and sympathies.
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I am so sorry. I can think of nothing worse than to lose two so close together.
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Thank you, each one of you for your hugs and prayers, as they are very much needed right now. Frankly, if not for y'all, I'd probably be in a mental ward right now, because just to be honest, I'm not taking this too well. And in some ways, most ways, I'm glad it was quick and that she didn't suffer, but in some ways, like my FeLv+ baby, Tiger, I 'm prepared (ok, as prepared as one can ever be) for the day that he goes so far downhill that he either passes on or has to be put down.

Mzjazz, I do believe she and Jake will be good friends, as will Hallie, 'cuz Miss Rurnt was a tortie too.....sounds like a good combo!

Now, if you guys see me logged in and not posting, I have figured out how to get my cell phone to log in, but not to reply to posts or pm's, lol!
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my sincerest condolences to You Cindy Runt is playing over the Bridge with the other TCS bridge kitties and watching over You and Charlie also.
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Cindy what a time your having chick

Play happily over the bridge Twinkletoes

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Can someone please make the pain stop? I was doing "ok" until I logged into this thread, when I saw her sweet lil' face at the top thread I just broke down and started bawling again.

I'ts been a rough weekend, every time I looked on back of the couch or on top of the entertainment center, I half expected to see her either sleeping there or staring at the wall (she always had a fascination with walls.....ever since she was a kitten, just just sit and stare, sometimes for hours, or until she went to sleep, whichever came first).
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Oh my goodness... I'm so sorry.

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Rest in Peace Beautiful Rurnt! Have fun in the Rainbow Bridge playing with all the other pets May you frolic through fields of catnip, drink from rivers of milk, & play the day away!

Hugs for you KittenKrazy!
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Oh My, I am so sorry for you. You must be devastated. I know, I lost my Boo very unexpectently about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm paranoid every time another one of my babies just sneezes. I am thinking about you and I know things will get easier as time goes on. It's so awful right now, but time will help.

Warm Wishes,
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I am so sorry, Cindy.

RIP Sweet Rurnt
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Ok, I admit it, I'm crying again, not just for my sweet girl, but for the loss of Jake (mzjazz2u) last week, and Prowler (hissy) yesterday.........sorry guys, for the rest of you who have lost kitties this week, I just haven't been able to bring myself to read the other RB threads .......haven't really since Gizmo passed.
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I know how you feel. It's been hard for me to read every thread in the RB and it's really hard to come up with words for other people suffering the same loss right now. My mind is just blank! Hang in there... we're all going to be ok, together. That's what this forum is all about!
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