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Lemons (and Melow)

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As you may know I am trying to get better at photography, so I got out my camera and set about learning about taking close ups, I set up a tv dinner table and used lemons, well I guess Mellow just wanted to see what I was seeing so he got really close just like I was!

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Such a silly boy! Doesn't he know cats don't like lemons?
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That first picture is very cool!
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I agree, I like the first picture! I see his little paw about to do something naughty
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Lol, two days ago, Tiger was batting my apple that I was about to eat around. Did he try to lick it?
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I, too like that first picture! If course, if he takes one bite of the lemon, he'll never go near it again!
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Mellow likes to interrupt your photo shoots, doesn't he?? I agree, that first pic is really cool
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But....I'm cute....photograph me instead!
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Beautiful pictures, looks like he has found himself a new toy.
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If he is not the center of attention then he has to be in it, He is very inquisitive about new things in the house, hubby brought flowers home tonight and of course I took some photos, they were on the kitchen counter, and he jumped up and had a good old snif, lol (he doesnt normally jump up there)

He didnt try to eat the lemon, he would have had a shock if he did, Im going to try some sliced lemon shots next week, I assume he wont go near it becasue its so strong smelling, but we will see!!
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