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Please say a prayer for Echo

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Lately this place has been so powerful with everyone prayering for each other..I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't sure what forum to put this, so please move it if it's needs to be some where else.

I took Echo to the Vet this afternoon because she was scooting her bum on the floor and was acting like she was in pain. I'm so glad I took her in! She has a nasty infection on her little bum...it looks like raw meat (sorry so graphic!). My Vet had give her a shot to sedate her and then gave her a rectal exam. Apparently her glands were not full and she was not constipated either. To be honest, the Vet said that she wasn't sure what exactly was wrong with her. She did say that Echo needs to be on a diet (she weighed in a 18 pounds!) because she isn't able to clean herself good enough. They had to shave her bum...it looks so red and swollen. I know its gotta hurt like crazy.

Right now Echo is completely out of it. It is breaking my heart to see her like this. My baby can't even lift her own head up! My Vet said that she'll be fine by morning, but I'm just worried sick. I have no idea what med's she gave her, but I sure don't like what is happening to her right now. So, please keep her in your prayers tonight. I'm just a worried and paranoid mother...and I'm literally sick from all of this worrying! It doesn't look like I'll get much sleep tonight...I'll be up with her most of the night making sure she's ok.
Thank you all for being so supportive...I know I can always count on all of you!
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Remember my experience with Nakita? The vet didn't prepare me at all and just brought Nakita in all drugged, batting at her face, crazy eyes! It's a horrible thing to see your cat all drugged up!! And I blame the vet for making me worry so much!I don't think anyone is prepared the first time they see the cat drugged up!

Shell, she will be fine!! You just have to make it through the 'drugged' part of it! I'm sending the warmest hug I can from Canada (it may not be too warm since it's absolutely freezing here right now!)

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Thanks Kass! I really needed a hug right now. I'm just so worried about her. It is a very scary thing to see when your cat is so drugged up. I know that it needed to be done, but I wish I would have be a little prepared for how she would be acting.
Thanks again for reassuring me that she'll be ok.
Bless you!
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Poor baby! But I agree with Kass - this is the hard part. And it's MUCH harder on mommy than on Echo!

Sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts and prayers!!!!

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Shell I am glad you took her in! Poor kitty. She will be fine, she is just fighting the drug. Let her sleep in a dark warm place and try not to worry. I am moving this to the Health forum so others can chime in as to what they went through with cats coming out of sedation of any type.

My one kitty Squirrel after she got back from her spay she was racing around the cage like a madman and totally freaking out. It took her 2 days to calm down, and I ended up taking her out of the cage and putting her into a small room instead. I was really worried about her, but now she is fine.
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Shell, the important thing is that you did take Echo to the vet as soon as you realized something was wrong. Try to relax and trust the vet to help Echo get through this.

I am sending positive thoughts and prayers toward you and Echo, and Snowball is sending some of his special little kitty kisses and purrs to help her feel better fast.
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she has to go on a diet!! I'm glad you got her to the vet and she will be OK. How on earth are you going to keep her on a diet???? Keep us posted, as this may be a bumpy ride!
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Oh Shell, I'm sorry to hear your kitty's not feeling well. I'll say a prayer for her & for you. Keep us posted.
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Awwww, I hope Echo is feeling better real soon!! Sending healing thoughts your way!
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Thank you everyone for the positive words! It literally brought me to tears. You guys are awesome...I'm so glad I have found all of you!!

As for Echo, I just checked on her and she's "waking" up a little. She seems really ticked off at anyone who comes near her. I try not to bother her, but I catch myself checking on her every 15 minutes. She has been trying to walk a little, but is still very unstable and falls down. Poor Kitty..it's like she's drunk! I'm feeling better about her now...I know that she's gonna be ok.
Thank you all once again!
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I'm thinking of you right now and said a prayer and sending the best thoughts your way. I'm hoping Echo (what a neat name, BTW) is feeling a bit better by now. Poor furbaby. You are such a wonderful mom to her! She's lucky to have you!

Positive thoughts coming your way!
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Awww Shell, hugs to you and Echo - I hope by the time you read this, the drugs would have worn off!

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((((HUGS)))) I'm sure Echo will feel better once the drugs wear off. Poor baby! I hope she feels all better soon.
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My prayers are going up for Echo. Keep us posted.
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the postive thoughts!
Here's a little update on Echo:
The drugs finally wore off around 5 this morning, but she was one ticked off kitty. Thank God the Vet clipped her nails, but she still managed to scratch me pretty good. I pretty much left her alone today (I had to go to work even though I wanted to stay home with her). When I got home, she was mewing a lot...she's not a vocal cat at all, so I know that she must be in some pain. It took two of us to hold her down to give her the meds and to put the powder on her sore little bum. At the sight of her rump, it's gotta hurt like hell. It's so red, swollen and very irritated. She just gives out these pathetic meows...but I just don't know how to help her with the pain. My Vet didn't give me any meds for pain...just antibotics. Should I call my Vet to ask for some pain meds? Is there anything I can give her from home that might help? I know that household drugs are toxic to cats...so I won't give her anything like that unless my Vet told me to. I just feel so helpless to her....Any suggestions?
Thank you everyone once again for the kind words and prayers! You all are to me!!
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I don't have any advice, I just wish both of our cats were feeling better! It's so hard when there's something wrong with them!
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I'm sure she is sore, but she'll be fine! I doubt it's unbareable for her. If in the morning she still seems very uncomfortable give your vet a call. It won't hurt.

When your cat is ill, aren't the little 'mews' the worst?!

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