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So, my finger is numb

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I was carrying home groceries yesterday, and when I set them down my ring finger on my left hand hurt. Granted, I maybe bought more than I should have tried to carry, but normally the bags just pinch and then everything's fine a couple minutes later.

Now it's been 24 hours, and that part of my finger is still numb. Just the bit above the top knuckle on the pinky side, but every time I touch something it feels really weird. It's not totally numb, like if you cut it I would feel it, but it feels like right when something falls asleep but not all the way; and it's always been like that.

Has that ever happened to you?
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Yes and it was my little finger too, I put mine down to being in a funny position at work while using the mouse...
I would get it checked out by a doctor though to make sure there isnt any nerve damage
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Carpels tunnel syndrome can do that to your little finger. Have it checked out please. If you don't have it treated, it can cause your finger to become malformed.
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it does sound a little like Carpels tunnel syndrome or a pinched nerve,

how is now?
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Mine gets like that if I rest my elbow on the desk the wrong way at work. In fact, it's half numb right now. And its always my left ring finger and my pinky. It usually starts to clear up over the weekend, then Monday morning I do the same stupid thing again! It really is annoying. I figured I was just hitting a nerve wrong or something.
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By carrying heavy shopping you would have put quite a bit of strain on your neck, shoulder and arm. Sounds like a trapped nerve. If it's localised to your finger and you don't have any other aches or pains it should come back to normal with rest but if it continues for a couple of days I'd get it checked out by a physio or doctor.
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I do have a doctors appt in two weeks; I wanna change doctors because he can never see you sooner than that no matter what's wrong with you. I called once because my eye was swelling shut, and they said to go to the urgent care, I said I couldn't afford it, and the nurse hung up on me! Bleh.

My finger is still kind of numb, but the area is smaller and less numb than before. Thank you guys for the advice, I will definitely keep an eye on it and if it's not totally better by Monday I will do something

Calico, everybody in my family gets carpal tunnel too. Supposedly eating walnuts helps a lot because of whichever fatty acid is in them.
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