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How to introduce variety into my cats' diet?

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I want to feed my cats different varieties of flavors - even though trying to use the same brand. Various books and web sites recommend mixing one food with another gradually, replacing 25%, 50%, 75%, then 100% etc. over a one week period. I think this way all the food taste the same, and really kind of odd when you mix tuna and beef. My picky cats don't like this much, although staying with one flavor all the time gets boring after a while, even for a cat. What would you advise?
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Are you talking about dry or canned? Canned is usually mixed to start with (2 flavors). My cats just get a new can per meal. They are not picky. I'm more picky then they are cause I check for the wheat gluten and I don't give them very much fish.

Mainly stick to beef, turkey, chicken, lamb and an occasional can of fish with another flavor - I do avoid tuna tho - if they get fish its salmon.

I don't do a gradual change. Just open the can and dish it out. What flavors do your cats like? If they like 2-3 different kinds, then rotate those cans. A lot of cats don't like cold food - do you serve it room temp (just opened) or warm refrigerated first with some hot water?
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Dry food should be changed gradually, but wet food you can feed a new flavour every meal without problems unless your cat has a sensitivity to particular ingredients. There's generally no need to mix wet foods.
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I think if you are mixing foods, it wouldn't be a bad idea to mix brands as well.

I have found with my cats that some of them will get very brand-specific and then when that brand goes away (Waltham who switched to Royal Canin) or isn't available (prescription diet food that has to be ordered), they either don't want to eat another brand of crunchies, OR worse yet, it gives them the runs.
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The premium stuff is expensive. And I ahve one picky old man of a cat!

Having just ended up feeding several uneaten meals to my other (healthy) cats, I DO recommend the gradual transition scheme.

True you do not HAVE to ... unless, of course, you want them to EAT it!
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Canned no change time needed ... Dry I advise it over 7-14 days
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