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Where did the corn meal go?

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I asked DH to hand me the corn meal last night while I was cooking.
When he took it out of the fridge, some spilled..
He looked around for a few mins and couldnt find where it spilled.

Well, I went into the living room (To check TCS no less) and I found where it spilled.

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Awwww.... how funny!
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awww look at him hes sooooo proud of it too. what a cutie, your animals crack me up!
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He doesn't seem to mind!
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Too funny!!
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That's the difference between cats and dogs right there. The dog looks like he doesn't care a thing in the world about it. The cat would've been bathing right away and leaving a hairball in the floor for payback.

He's precious. Does he like to help you cook?
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poor fella!!!!
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Awwww, how cute!
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Don't you just love the "clean up crew"????? Keno is a master of clean up. She sits in the kitchen when cooking just in case she is needed

Of course Charlie boy is right there too - he's not about to allow Miss Keno to have all the pleasure of cleaning up
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What a great laugh for me to start the day with! That is so cute!
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That's so funny!
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