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Simba's being sick

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Hi all

I took Simba to have his first rabbies/cat flu jab yesterday for his passport. When I got him home he was sick all over the flat. I put him in the toilet because he was going on top of the computer harddrive and dvd player and being sick so I thought the best place for him to get piece and quiet was the bathroom.

Later on when the kids went to bed we let him out again but he still didnt seem himself he just sat in one place and looked really ill.

I called the vet and asked her if he would be ok and she said it was probably because of the jab and the transport just to give him time.

Today he looked a little better meowing when he saw me and looking for love from me but now hes back in my sons room in a corner staying away from everyone

Is this normal for cats to be like this? This is his first injection with us so I dont know how he was before with his old owners.

Any advice is greatly appreciated Im really worried about him hes just not himself.

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Is he still vomiting?

Lethargy and lack of appetite and sometimes joint stiffness following vaccinations is fairly normal (Radar had his recently and spent a lot of the next 48 hours sleeping in a tight ball and pottering about looking miserable, he was really quite ill-looking but started to perk up after about 36 hours).

Vomiting isn't normal, if he is still throwing up today I would give the vet another call, or if he's still not right tomorrow.
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Some cats can have vaccine reactions. My cat Jennifer has reactions. We found out the hard way. When she was younger (maybe 5 or 6) we took her in for her vaccines. That afternon she started vomiting. At first we thought it was no big deal... But then she wouldn't stop. She started vomiting blood. So we rushed her back into the vet. She was fine after they gave her some injections. (I was scared out of my mind)

I would keep a close eye on your baby. Animals can develop vaccine reactions at anytime in there life. So, for example, even if they were fine when they were 1 or 2, when you take them in for their shots when they are 3 they can have a reaction.
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One of my cats started vomiting right after I got him home from shots. He vomited a couple of times than started with dry heaves. I called the vet and they had me bring him back in, it was an allergic reaction. I only live maybe 10 or 15 minutes from the vet and by the time I got him back in he had a fever and his nose and around his eyes were real red. They gave him a shot of benedryl and another shot, I think it was some kind of steroid and sub-q fluids. They also kept him a couple of hours to make sure he was okay. Now they give him a shot of benedryl twenty minutes before vaccinating him.
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Well he stopped being sick last night and drank some water but thats it hes not ate anything and hes still just lying down normally he's in the living room on his comfy bed but he's not been near it at all.

I hope he gets better im keeping an eye on him anyways.

thanks for all the replys you have really helped

thank you
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