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Worst headache ever!

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Just feel like whining...I woke up the worst headache yesterday (no drinking involved, lol) the kind where it even hurts to talk and makes your tummy feel a bit sick and it's still mostly there I've taken Excedrin's and another kind of pain pill (at separate times) but nothing works that well on it.

Any magic cures out there?

Thanks for reading
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No magic cures, but I hope you feel better soon.
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Have you ever been diagnosed with migraines? If the pain does not improve significantly soon you may want to call your doctor. I found out a few weeks ago that I get migraine headaches. I had a really bad headache that lasted over 24 hours and nothing over the counter was working. I went to a doctor and she gave me an injection for the pain which helped a lot. I also have medication to take when the headache starts now. Also try taking a long hot shower for some reason hot water on my head sometimes helps a little with my headaches.
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Oooh, no cures here either- but I can feel your pain all the way here I hope you feel better soon
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I have a home remedy! My friend is a nurse so she told me this trick and it really does work. I felt my pain ease immediatly. OKay, get a wash cloth and soak in STEAMING hot water. Squeeze the excess water out. Ball it up and put it over your nose and breath in the steam. Steam inhalation is an excellent way of opening your contricted blood vessels. Be very careful about you eyes. Remember that it is not advisable to expose your eyes to steam and so take care to protect your eyes when you are inhaling steam. I hope this help! Feel better soon!
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Excedrin Migraine strength taken with a cup of coffee. Then sleep! If it is a migraine, that should help ease the pain. My sister claims that allowing yourelf to actually vomit helps her migraines.
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Sending many "go away headache" vibes for you
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Thanks guys!! I usually get headaches that last for 3 days or more and have seen the doctor for them but never got any answers. So I made and got an appointment this morning because it was so more worse than usual.

I have high BP, but it's usually within normal limits at the doctor. Well, today it was way up there, so I have to start taking an additional medicine And have to go back in a week to get my BP re-checked.

Thanks again for your advice and thoughts everyone!
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Sometimes caffeine will help. Other times, stretching your neck, shoulders, and back will loosen up tension and help it to go away. I usually find a combination of both helps, and then an asprin or 800 mg or so does the trick.
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I had a bad headache yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning too. (perhaps time of month related?? I used my neti pot before bed and slep with a cool wahscloth on forehead (nope didn't work). Took more ibuprofen this morning and a 12 hr sudafed before I went to work and it did go away!!
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