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How early can a kitten get pregnant?

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I have a 10 week old girl kitten and a 7 month old boy kitten in heat. The boy is going to be neutered the end of the month. I am just concerned about how early a female kitten can get pregnant. ANy info would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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I am not an expert but I do believe that the average female kitten comes into her first heat at around six months of age.

It is possible, though not common, for a kitten to come into heat as early as 4 months. I had a kitten that this happened to, and because of her age I was not expecting her to go into heat so early, otherwise I would have spayed her sooner.

I don't think that a ten week old kitten is at risk for pregnancy, but you should plan to have her spayed as soon as she is old enough for your vet to do the procedure, it will save you a lot of sleepless nights (cats in heat can, and will, cry all night long) and unwanted kittens. Not to mention spayed animals have less risk of cancer of the reproductive organs.

Hope this helps!
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Yes, average is about 6 months. All cats very though. You may not even know she is in heat. Some cats can go into a silent heat for the first few. I am glad you are taking the 7 month old very soon.
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I think you are safe for awhile... like the others said, the first heat usually starts somewhere around 6 months (but I have heard of 4 months too!). And get her spayed as soon as you can or you are up for the same headaches I'm having right now... my little girl has been in heat since Tuesday evening and its HORRIBLE! (I've heard the spring heats are usually the worst... and she is proving it!) I had to keep her locked in my bedroom most of the time so my 8 month old wouldn't decide to be man (he goes into the vet in an hour!). As soon as I did the switch this morning (I put Oliver, my male, in the bedroom, so Serena can have some "house time") she started HOWLING like crazy! This was at 5A.M.! My other male, who is fixed, is going crazy because Serena is following him around and won't leave him alone! He tries to do what he's suppose to, probably just to shut her up for awhile, but he doesnt realize that just laying on her doesnt the trick, but him just laying on her calms her for awhile. Thank goodness for neutered males! LOL But as soon as this heat passes, she is off to get the zipper!
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Please understand what an "average" is; it's the median point between one extreme and the other. While the "average" age for females coming into heat may be six months, let me assure you there are those who come in much sooner as well as much later. If she is calling and displaying the signs of being in heat then regardless of her age you must assume she IS in heat and take the proper precautions based on your breeding policy. We have had kittens come into heat as early as 4 months, which is much too young for us to consider breeding. A cat cycling repeatedly without being bred is open for possible problems with pyometra and this situation needs to be addressed. Perhaps a teaser tom might solve the problem temporarily.
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I do know that for Siamese cats, they come into heat earlier than other breeds. My kitten is part Siamese, and I had her fixed at about 4 months to be safe.
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We spay/neuter our pet quality at 4 months as well. Better safe than sorry! VBG Pete
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I have a little kitty that just turned 5 months old and she is very pregnant. I had an appointment to have her spayed next week, but now they tell me it's too late. I had no idea they could come in that early. I've learned my lesson and will get anymore I may get spayed earlier Sheri
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Just to add that early spay/neuter at 8 weeks is becoming the norm in many shelters and seems to have no side effects. The Americam Vets Association supports it but recommends 4 months for the standards age of spaying/neutering.
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Wow! Eight weeks seems awful young to me but as you stated it is a shelter situation. Here in Jacksonville they do not do the speutering but rather bill the prospective owners for the procedure and rebate it back when proof of the operation is provided. We speuter our pet quality at 4 months. I have also read somewhere that neutering too young can cause problems for the males down the road.

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Thank you.  I've got a contract already set up for her and her brother to get spade and neutered.. The male keeps running out of the house every chance he gets.  My girl always comes back when I call her.  I was most wthorried about her being alone as a female kitten..  Now the male started goin at it with her.  I broke them up once and they ran down stairs and next thing I know they were laying on top each other chilling?  I guess the deed was done.  I will call me Vet tomorrow and let them know.  Now the female is hissing and sliding crazily around the rug".  What does that mean??

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Not sure of my kittens age. But she is pregnant. I know she has got to be over six months. Will having kittens so young hurt her?
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Just came across this site when I was looking for info and saw your question. I was surprised to see that no one mentioned that male cats do not go into heat.

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A cat can get pregnant as early as 4 months, having her litter at 6 months. Hope this helps!
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And no, males do not go into heat but they do show signs that they are aroused, like meowing and acting crazy around female cats.
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