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cat wont sleep in my bed

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Hey, I have a Russian Blue.

He used to sleep in my bed but for some reason he stopped...

Any suggestions?
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Has anything changed? Did he sleep in your bed as a kitten but now as an adult has moved on?

Mine go through cycles where they sleep on the bed for a few months then sleep somewhere else for a while. Typically, this coincides with weather.
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He may be doing something else toward bedtime that causes him to go to sleep wherever he is.

Most times cats will follow their routine, and if you go to bed later than usual, he may fall asleep wherever you are at the time of his bedtime, and then he will just stay where he fell asleep, when you go to bed.

Cats like to be warm wherever they are sleeping, so if your room has a fan he may not like that, or if he can't snuggle, for example if you are tossing or turning lately, he may leave the room.

Or maybe he has begun to see something out the window at night and he is keeping a vigil and sleeping near the window to watch whatever has his attention. My cats right now are transfixed by the squirrels and birds, deer and raccoons foraging for nuts and winter food to store. So they spend a lot of time at one part of the house where they can see all the activity occurring outside .
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Cats tend to do as they please... not as we please. Mine also go through stages of coming to bed with us or not. They seldom stay all night though. Unless he's showing other signs of upset or stress I wouldn't worry about it.
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Sometimes if you kick or move a lot in bed, the cat will just go find another quiet place. Our cats come and go - depends on the weather - if its cooler they are more likely to jump in bed with us for most of the nite.
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Mine won't sleep in the bed all the time, in fact he hadn't for months with the summer, but the day I put the comforter back out he slept on my legs all night long, and I'm a kicker when I sleep... I must have kicked him 5 times, waking me up, but he just rolled over and went right back to sleep... it seems with him to depend on how cool it is in the house and just what he feels like doing in general... it got warm again, so he'll just climb in for a quick cuddle and some treats and be on his way again.

They just do what they do... I stopped questioning why he won't do things I would ideally want a long time ago
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Sometimes if you kick or move a lot in bed, the cat will just go find another quiet place.
Oh my gosh! I wish mine could read this! They don't care HOW much I toss and turn. Lol!
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My cats are "sneaky snugglers". They start out somewhere else in the house, or even in their beds which are on the floor on my side of the bed, but then sometime during the night they end up in bed with me. This morning, like yesterday morning, I woke up to Callie in "her" spot at the foot of the bed and Hannah up near my knee (after licking my hair!!).

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He might be coming in during the night and sleeping for a bit and then moving on. Sometimes my cats sleep with me and other times they don't. I have a water bed so in the winter it's a popular spot for them to sleep, but in the summer when it's warm they may come in and wake me up but they won't sleep with me.
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