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Advice with addition of 2nd cat

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Long story short...My girlfriend and I decided to adopt a 2nd cat at the advice of my vet and many her because I am not home during the school semester a good amount of the day.

We saved an awesome 1 1/2 y/o that the owners were neglecting..another long story. She has a much better home now and she survived the neglect and just needed some good food.

So here is what we are facing. My 7 month old is an incredible ball of energy that wants to play ALL day. We saved him as a feral back in June so he is still a little wild. They were both nuetered and spayed last week.

Our younger kitten who we have had 1st (Max) wants to play with her, and is very attached to us. Sleeps literally on my arms at night. He gets crazy when I pat her, although we have been giving him more attention after reading we should.

We kept her (Stripes) behind a baby gate for 4 days and now they are both out. He is chasing her tail which is funny and every time he approcahes her to play she hisses and swipes with her right paw. They have not had any fights, just hissing between the two. How long can we expect this? Will it eventually stop? They are complete opposites. She lounges and is extremely calm and well manored and he is a raging ball of play and is wild as anything.

Any advice? I guess we are not too concerned because they seem to not let it go past hissing, sometimes just staring at each other for 5 minutes or so.

This is the first time we have been cat owners so never introduced a 2nd before.

Here is a perfect pic of Max (On the right) hissing at her after chasing her tail while she was trying to eat.

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That sounds normal, if he's bothering her she'll swat at him to tell him to leave her alone and he should eventually get the message. Hopefully he'll calm down a bit as he gets older and their energy levels will be more equal! It sounds OK though, I would just make sure she has somewhere quiet to escape to if he's being too overwhelming! It all sounds OK and normal to me, considering they haven't known each other for that long
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